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4 days holiday and 6lb gained..whoops!

... but it wasn't exactly a surprise. I came off Dukan totally, (which wasn't the intention but hey-ho) so today i'm firmly back in the wagon. Not feeling low or sorry for myself as i knew i'd gain, but didn't think it would be such a big one!

So, do i go back to attack phase or just PP?

i'm thinking attack is best, unless there's a good reason not to?
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ive had a wedding and a throat infection this weekend so have come off for 3 days too and iv decided to go back on attack...if thats any help?x
and the tolerated items...:)
Curvy, I put on 1.5lbs too after a bad cold and I'm doing a few days of Attack...You'll lost it again in no time!!! I'm totally annoyed, had hit a milestone but what they hell, will get there again in a few days! :) x
well, i did a day of PP yesterday and have dropped 3lbs this morning! :bliss:
I think it may have been water retention as my rings are loose on my fingers again and i don't feel as bloated...?

So, all is good is the world today...:)

and yes, i had a lovely time, weather was around 31 degrees everyday and had a much needed rest.
UPDATE: Another 2.2lbs lost this morning! :wee:
That's just over 5lb lost in 2 days of PP and a couple of trips to the gym!

I flippin' love this diet......!!!

I'm off to swim 50 lengths now .... see you later! x :wavey::wavey::wavey: :wavey: :wavey:
There is no way that 6 pounds of fat can be gained in such little time. It is water retention ladies. Don't despair and continue where you left off. You will see you go back to normal soon.
That's what i thought. I just ate 3 sensible meals a day on holiday (with a couple of ice creams and caramelized nuts for good measure!) I know u need to consume around 3000 excess cals to gain a pound in weight so i was damned sure i hadn't eaten 18000 excess calories!

Water retention has got a lot to answer for.....grrr!


Just keep swimming...
Well done Annalise! So glad you are losing well again. :clap:

<adds 'water retention' to the top of ever expanding list of Things To Be Banned and underlines twice in thick, red marker pen>
Yep! Water Retention SUCKS!! (if only it actually did eh? lol!!) x
UPDATE: a further pound off today!

The 6lbs gained... has now GONE! -Vamoosh!!

I is one happy bunny...:bliss:
Thanks Ewa, I have to say you're stronger-willed than I, waiting 'til monday to jump on those scales. I actually now can't wait to get up in the mornings to weigh myself - what a proper saddo!

Hope you have a nice big loss on Monday xx

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