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4 Packs A day


I am supposed to have 4 packs per day, but i am struggling to have them all, i only really have them when i am hungry, or the rest of the family is eating, but as all this is at different times of the day i am getting only 3 down me in a day, like today and yesterday i only had 2, i tried the caramel bar and it make me sick, so i didnt eat again after that!!!!

Am i stopping my losses by doing this? do i need to force feed myself the packs?

K x
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Ancient Egypt Nut!
Dunno about stopping losses but you should really have your four packs a day ration as you're not getting all your daily nutrients otherwise... Force 'em down ;)
Jim's right about the nutrients K :)

I know it can be tough but you need to have the full recommended amount each day to be healthy and feel well as well as lose weight;).

Can you speak to your CDC about this and maybe sit down and look at the times/settings where you struggle and work out an action plan?

Isis x :)
yeah suppose so, i have just gone and had my last pack, my stomach wouldnt let me sleep without it... i think i must stop spending so much time with my bed and acctually get up and do something to make me feel hungry!!!!
role on some exercise...

K x


Stubborn tortoise
Agree with previous advice about nutrients. My worry would be that if you don't get enough nutrients you may be more likely to encounter side effects like hair loss, which none of us want! Exercise wise, a brisk walk a couple of times a day is fine on CD SS and will make good use of any ketosis energy you're getting! Go for it.



WILL be Slim!
it will also put you into starvation mode i think if you dont have all the packs necessary.
If you need to, have 2 at once so a soup and shake as a meal and dessert! you NEEEEED to make sure you have all your packs hun as it can slow down the losses...!!



WILL be Slim!
is that allowed considering the water with each pack would be way out?

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