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Hello...I've been doing the CD for 3 weeks now and although I'm 5ft6 I opted for 4 packs. I lost 1 stone in 2 weeks but I don't think I've lost any this week. Could this be because I'm having 4 packs. I honestly don't think I could do it with 3! And surely even 4 packs is really low in terms of daily calories. Do you think 4 packs will mean I wont lose the weight as quickly?
Im only starting so I dont know much. My CDC told me to take 4 because Im heavy and Im 5ft 7.5 inches.

I would think that if you have lost 1 stone in the first 2 weeks then you must be in in Ketosis and if you are doing everything the same way as you were when you lost that then surely you would stay in Ketosis. You say you dont think that you have lost any but maybe you should wait until weigh in to see for sure because I have seen many people posting that they think they havent lost and they found out that they actually had when they got weighed.

There will prob be a CDC along soon (or one of the girls that have been doing it longer at least) to help you. Wish I knew more hon!
Put it this way. What other diet could of of lost 1 stone on!! If the 4 packs were too much for you then you would not of started burning fat. Maybe its water retention? Or if you have not been taking enough water then I have heard that that can make it harder. Also there are quite a few on here that nearly went stand still on week 3 but had a big loss on week 4. Browse through the weight loss diaries of other CDers and you will find real inspiration.

Dont be panicing. you will see tomorrow. Its pretty normal to panic before weigh in. I did WW and you should of seen me the night before weigh in. It was good enough for a comedy show!!
Hiya Daisy, I think you should only be having 3 packs hun cos ur under 5'8 so maybe you should double check this with ur cdc...dont worry about whether you have lost lbs hun, inches count too!!! I felt horrible in my first week cos I thought I had only lost 2lbs, but a pair of jeans that wouldnt close before that did at the end of the week so I lost inches as well!!
1 st in 2 weeks is very good. Don't worry just wait and see what happens when you get weighed. It is important to try and get weighed at the same time and wearing the same clothes. I weigh myself first thing in the morning always wearing the same clothes and straight after my first wee of the day and before I have a drink of water. If i get weighed later in the day i can be 4 lb heavier.
Irene xx
well weigh in is tomorrow so I guess I'll see :)

Well?????!!!!!!!! How did you do Daisy??? Hope you had a good loss.
For your height 3 packs are recommended, but if you feel you can only do it with 4 then it's better than having 3 plus eating something you shouldn't! Have you thought about having 3 packs but dividing them up??? You can have 6 meals then! But as you say even on 4 packs you are still on a VLCD - so will lose weight, just slightly slower. make sure you drink plenty of water though!

Good luck and let us know what you've done this week.
Hiya Daisy

If you are 5ft 6in and haven't got a very very active lifestyle or labour intensive job then you should only have 3 packs a day. You shouldn't be having 4 packs a day as you are getting more than the government recommended daily allowance of all your vitamins and minerals etc.

If you can't do the plan on 3 packs then why not try the 790 program where you would still have those 3 packs but also a small protein based evening meal ???? This is still a very effective way of losing weight and would mean you are not getting overage of all your nutrients.