4 stone less! Fandabbydozzy!


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Well...this is it. I've been on the Cambridge diet for 1 day and its gone well I think. I fell asleep when I got home from work for 3 hours so it made the evening go by quicker! lol
I was planning on having soup at work and noone knows about my new adventure yet but... after a long lunchtime meeting I was about to have my first ever CD soup but was worried I wouldn't like it. I thought I'd not be able to hide a grimace in front of everyone in the staffroom so opted for a choc shake in a carton. A colleague asked if I wasn't eating anything and I told em I'd eaten earlier. I then drank my shake trying to cover up the pack worrying that someone would question me about it.
I'm worried about facing people about the idea of a liquid very low cal diet. I have convinced myself that once people start to notice that I've lost weight then I'll feel more comfortable telling them what diet I'm doing. Is it just me being daft? My husband has started the diet too and he just told all his colleagues as he said he'd never be able to hide it. One of them even said she is interested but will see how he does first!

Helen;) 196 lbs to lose

P.S. Gotta work out how to do a tracker thingy.
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Well done on getting through your first day - you're on your way to a fabulous new you!

Some people choose to keep the fact they're on a VLCD quiet ... I sort of dived in and committed myself by telling the world and his wife I was on CD. I thought that it would harder for me to throw the towel in without getting egg on my face if everyone knew what I was doing. I also didn't want to have to 'hide' my bars or shakes as if they were something shameful (I know that's not what most people are thinking when they keep the diet a secret - it's just how I would feel).

Plus I'd researched the diet thoroughly and was well able to counter-act any negative comments that I anticipated would be thrown at me (there were surprisingly few). The small minority of critics have been quietened though, now that I'm 5 months and nearly 6 stone lighter :D

There's no 'right or wrong' though when it comes to telling people or not. It's an individual thing :)

Keep up the fab work Helen and when you get on those scales at the end of your first week, you'll be well rewarded!
Hiya, and well done on getting thru the first day, Personally I think thats the worst hurdle to get over. At work, I was like you, I drank my cartons in private and said I had eaten earlier, going out for walks on my own. No one questioned me until I had lost my first 20 pounds, and then people started noticing I had lost weight, some I told i was just on a strict diet, others I told them the truth. My boss even changed his leavnig do from an all you can eat indian buffet to a BBQ at his house so I could go and not eat!!

You will find as you loose weight, telling people is easier, you dont have to go into lots of depth you can just say you are on a very strict diet and have to watch what you eat. When they notice the loss you can tell them more then!

Well done and you can do it. Nice to have your hubby doing it too for the support. Save loads on shopping too!!

Well done!
Congratulations on getting thru Day 1, that really is tough and you have done really well.
I'm like you in that I haven't told anyone that I'm doing CD other than hubby and kids as I don't want anyone knocking my confidence in the diet at this early stage. Once I have got a few more punds off then I will tell people if they ask. Hope you have another great day today xx

Well done on getting through the first day, you'll soon be over the worst.

I was like RussianDoll and told everyone when I started, lots were sceptical and dismissive of it and I was determined to prove them wrong!

My hubby told no one and when they started to notice his weight loss, they asked if he was ill! He's open about it now though, has to be cos he's 4st lighter!

Keep us posted on your progress.
Hope things are still going well for you. Play it by ear with telling people - i'm still choosy who i tell as i cant be doing with the negative comments i know i'd get from some!!
Day 2

:eek: Thanks for all your lovely replies. Its great to know that you guys have been there done that and lost lots which is really inspiring. Yesterday (day 2) was harder as I am developing a cold so I wanted comfort food. My husband and I both commented on how we keep talking to ourselves in our heads if this makes any sense. He was feeling very positive today yet I was doubting if I'm gonna make it as I've got lots more to lose than him.
We had some testing situations yesterday that made me feel stronger though.
*Cakes in the staffroom for someone's birthday.
*Me knocking my half mixed veg soup all over the worktop at work and it looked like sick (sorry). I felt desperate as I knew I wouldn't be home til 6pm and my lunch hour was finishing in 12 mins so a quick dash to my classroom to grab another soup and just managed to have it in time.
*Someone said "is that all you're having for lunch?" I just said yes.
*Went to see a colleague on mat leave with some friends and she had a bowl of chocs and she later presented 2 large tubs filled with 2 different kinds of flapjacks she had baked. The portions were huge... but I declined.
*Emptied out the cupboards and wondered if we had registered we were doing the CD when we went shopping last week. 4 heavy bags of shopping got dropped off at my parent's house.
*Nipped to supermarket to get some cat food and to buy a blender. A guy approached us as we entered the store with a basket...of cakes 2 for 19p as the shop was closing soon. We laughed our heads off as we just said it was typical as it had never happened before.

Positives of day 2.
I discovered I like black tea.
I cut a caramel bar up for my evening allowance and really enjoyed it.

Hope day 3 isn't as eventful.

Helen :)
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Day 3

Still got a kinda cold thing going on. My hubby and I have decided to try to keep busy this weekend as we know it will be harder as work stops you from eating!
The ridiculous amount of trips to the loo have started. TWICE IN THE FLIPPIN NIGHT!!!! Does this carry on or will my body adjust?
My hubby seems to be the star of his workplace where they seem to keep asking him loads of questions. They were commenting on how low the calorie input every day is. One of the girls then said how her mum had done the CD and lost 4 stone which she has kept off so she said it must work even though it sounds extreme.
I bought my usual mag 'Woman' yesterday and there is a short article where meal replacement diets are actually being recommended. Wow! I usually have bad press about a diet I have just started.


P.S. How do I add on a ticker as I thought I'd work it out but haven't sussed it yet?
Day 5 of CD

Well after a weekend getting over a cold I have survived and am definitely in ketosis now due to my dodgy breath. It certainly helps being at work with keeping busy although there are still plenty of cakes in the staffroom looking at me. I have resigned myself to tipping a sachet of soup into a little plastic tub so that I don't have to hide the packaging. It worked well and of course I eventually will tell people once I've lost a stone or two. I really like the orange water flavouring. It makes 1 litre of drink go down very easily every day. I was surprised that I liked it and worked it out to be 20p a litre which doesn't sound as bad as £6 a tub! :)
Hi babe
So pleased it is going so well for you,you are being so good.
I just told people when and how,that was at the start now I would shout it from the roof tops if I could.
Keep it up babe.
love libbie x
Glad that it is going so well for you and hubby, it must be great to have someone right there experiencing it with you. Keep up the good work xx
1 day to weigh-in day!

I have mixed feeling about tomorrow as I'm having a 'fat' moment...well evening where I just feel blobby and yucky about me. I noticed my face feeling tighter 3 days in and my tummy feels slightly smaller too. Up until now I've been sooooooo positive but am having a lapse.

We got a letter addressed to 'Pizza lover' full of offers for the next 2 months. I'm feeling weak and was salivating while watching masterchef. I found a Twirl wrapper in the boot of my car. Its been there for months (how bad am I?) and not bothered me until tonight.

My hubby (Jamesky) is doing really well. He has lost weight off his face and one man-boob! I hope I can cope with him doing better than me quicker as well as having 4 packs unlike me.

I have got to weigh-in at boots before going to our cdc as her scales don't go up to my weight. At least I'll find out before hubby what my loss is.

Has anyone had any problems with their monthly cycle due to being on CD? I was already having problems before starting cd so just wondered if it might be affected.

Helen x

P.S. Thanks for all the recent replies. It helps me whe I see how you are all still surviving and yet have done so impressively well. :(
OOh - yes with the monthly cycle thing - Mine was late and then only lasted 3 days.
Then the next month it lasted 5 days but was heavy - it seems to have settled down now though.

Hope the weigh in boosts your motivation - i'm sure it will.
Get those wrappers in the bin and stay away from the food programmes - i am with you that they dont help some days. One of my hubbys favourite channels is the food channel on sky. AAARGHHH. :)
I'm on LL which is near enough and found that for a while I went onto a regular 3 week cycle but lost all my symptoms which meant I didn't have any warning :(

This sorted itself out when I went back on the pill again but I have truned into a right moody cow again although my hubby says he has no problems ignoring me when this happens :D
I was so pleased to hear you are both doing CD. And you are doing so well. I had and still have a lot to lose so I never think of the whole picture - over 10 stone. I think of mini targets the getting to the next stone even if it is with 13 lb on it as it sounds so much less than the next one up and counting lbs off in 10s and number of stones off. Have you joined the wemitts? Lots of luck to you both and look forward to you posting.
Irene xx
First weigh in!

:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)


1 stone loss in a week!!!!! Although I'd heard this is a common occurance I didn't believe it was possible for me. Hubby has lost 13 lb so our cars and bed must be happier lol
Thanx for the messages of support. Its amazing what difference a day makes.
I was curious to know about ladies cycles as I am having a tough time and have been averaging 2-3 wk periods then 2 weeks off for the last 3 cycles. Off to the docs tomorrow again to see whats what like they seem to care.

A happy Helen x

P.S. What are the weemitts? Am still a newbie so I know nuffin!
We mean it this time. Have a look at the thread. We all have had a lot to lose and encourage each other. Congratulations you have both done very well.
Irene xx
I think I'm now a WEMITT!

Well, I've been to the docs today and he asked me to get on his dodgy 7lb overweight scales. He asked me how much weight I was wanting to lose after I told him I was on a diet. What a stupid question!!!!! I decided to tell him I was on a vlcd. He assumed it was slimfast then when I told him I think he realised how serious I was as it takes effort to join...not just a trip to Boots.

I came home from work early due to having my appointment and I was so energised. I had an hour of being busy doing housey things and then felt the need to sit down just as hubby walked in. This is soooooooooooooo not like me having ANY kind of energy on a Friday afternoon.

Just had a butterscotch shake and really enjoyed it so life is good.

Helen x

P.S. Ta 4 explaining what WEMITT stands for.
Hiya Helen,. Well done on your stone!

Just a quickie re my cycle, I have been on CD 8 weeks and had 4!!!!!!!

This is a woman who takes a pill that is supposed to stop periods! I have been on it four years and never had one, as soon as I started CD I had one within a week

The explanation given to me was that when we lose weight we also lose it round internal organs etc so CD makes us very fertile and can often kick start everything.

My GP wasnt bothered and just told me to be careful when we...........:p!!!

Men, they just dont have a clue!!!