4 weeks in, slow going please help!

Discussion in 'Weight Watchers' started by TickleKate, 9 July 2014 Social URL.

  1. TickleKate

    TickleKate Full Member

    Hi ladies, am tried and tested Ww over the years. Had my third (and last!) baby 7 weeks ago and got back on the Ww wagon 4 weeks ago.

    Losses have been very slow, around 2-3lb. I know a loss is a loss but it only takes a minor event and i can put a couple of pounds on and be back at square 1! Just wanted some tips, cant remember it ever being so slow, especially when im post pregnancy and so big?!
    I weigh and measure it all, have picked the exercise up these past few weeks and am sadly not breastfeeding.
    Any ideas on making it more sustainable loss wise?! X
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  3. TickleKate

    TickleKate Full Member

    Sorry should say thats around 2-3lb in total not per week...i wish!
  4. Mrs Welshchap

    Mrs Welshchap Member

    Not sure if it's of help to you, but my saving grace is making home made low point soup. I don't particularly follow a recipe, but used what ever veg I have left in the fridge, chicken carcass (minus the skin), stock, water and tarragon - use a little oil and add all the veg, then the stock water and chicken and leave
    I made one tonight and it works out as 2 points a portion. It's so filling and with a slice of bread it feels a bit naughty :) oh and it saves money too.
    i find if I have soup it staves off hunger pangs longer than rabbit food and as it's so low in points, you could have it in between meals.

    Looking at your info on the left, you've lost a lot already! You've done amazing so far x
  5. TickleKate

    TickleKate Full Member

    Ah thank you Mrswelsh for replying, home made soup sounds a great idea, your version sounds devine!

    Ive made some in the past, a butternut squash one and some lentil ones. Good thinking!

    I have lost some and regained some and lost it again, admittedly mainly due to having babies rather than yo-yo dieting. Im just at the beginning of my third and final battle, heres to slimdom!

    Thanks again ;) x

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