Step 1 Sole Source 4 Weeks over and results as below :)

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    Hi guys, this is the first time ever I have done such a diet... Starting 1/2 weeks I did not get results as expected but I guess everyone's body is different... 2 years ago when I was going gym regular, drinking loads of water, had personal trainer and was watching all food I was eating too I didn't loose weight at the beginning but lost inches and than I started loosing weight so I am not really worried as this is what has happened this time.... I hope my little message here will motivate the new beginners.... I don't have weekly measurements as some had missed in between due to work so I'll update monthly...
    - Started CD SS1, on Wednesday 22nd January
    18/02/14 completed 4 weeks
    19/02/14 - morning measurements:
    waist: 3 inches 76.2 mm
    hips: 2.8 inches 71.12 mm
    chest 3.5 inches 88.9 mm
    Arms 1.5 inches 38.1 mm
    thighs 2.5 inches 63.5 mm

    Start weight: 14.17 stones, 90 kg, 198.42 lb, BMI 35.16
    4 weeks weight: 13.39 stones, 85 kg, 187.39 lb, BMI 33.2
    Total lost 4 weeks: 0.78 stones, 5 kg, 11.03 lb, BMI 1.96

    So damn happy, hopefully another 10-15 kg in two months... Will help a lot... With my IVF/ICSI treatment...

    Anyone here who lost weight towards mid/end ?? Any comments will help and motivate :)

    bye all lovely people
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    Cambridge Weight Plan
    wow fantastic, well done!!!
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    Thanks Hun...

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