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4 weeks to go and still no outfit!!!!!!

I have been so laid-back about the whole wedding outfit thing :cool::cool::cool: I thought..."I'm having a quiet, understated wedding, I'm not wearing a wedding dress, therefore there's no panic" :cool::cool: I've been strolling round various dress shops at the weekends but ..hey..no pressure :cool:

But now it has finally dawned on me that I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR FOR MY WEDDING :eek::cry::eek::cry: I'm getting more than a little worried as I haven't seen anything I like at all so far. I know no-one can do anything about this but me.. but I thought I'd post anyway. I'm going outfit hunting tomorrow. Wish me luck!!
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Taking Back Control...!!!
Try Monsoon.... they have some fabulous dresses.... more evening/cocktail than wedding....... I'm sure you'll get the perfect dress and will look stunning.....!
Oooooh - I didn't think of Monsoon - cheers! I've been looking in wedding-type shops and all the stuff seems to be "mother-of-the-bride" (more like Queen Mother if you ask me :() definitely not me.

Thanks again Mich - I'll check out Monsoon :) love ff x


Taking Back Control...!!!
go take a look at their website.... what you looking for? just a pretty summer type dress or white/cream just had a quick look they have bridal dresses/ bridesmaid dresses, separates, evening dresses..... fab fab fab dresses you should definately get one there!!!!

BHS do nice bridal dresses too.....

hope this helps... thanks for rep too!

Monsoon Accessorize
Hey - the moment you mentioned Monsoon I went straight to their web site and wowee :D I hope they are open on a Sunday - I'll be there when they open!!!! Can't imagine why I never thought of there :confused: Anyway...Thanks a million hon :hug99:
p.s. forgot to answer your question re the type of dress/outfit I want in my excitement...the truth is I don't know...I just know I don't want a traditional wedding dress (gorgeous as they are) as I'm having a very low-key wedding. Some of the dresses on the Monsoon site were gorgeous without being traditional wedding dresses. I'm all excited now :D
I'm stressed again!!

I had a look on the Monsoon website to check where the nearest store is and ...there isn't one near me at all! I live in Warrington and my mum is in Liverpool and the only store between the two locations is an Accessorise :cry::cry::cry: I've been in the Chesire Oaks sale store and it's got very little of interest (which is probably why I never thought to look in Monsoon). So I'm back to square one unless I decide to get the train to far off who-knows-where :(
Why don't you go to the Manchester one? It shouldn't be too long on the train from Warrington?
They've got one at Trafford Park too which is only about a 20 min drive if you can get there by car?

Good luck, hope you find something soon :)


Taking Back Control...!!!
Kitty B!

Was just about to suggest the Trafford Centre...... hope you get what your looking for sweetie.... keep us informed..... I love weddings....:D
A big thank you to everyone for their support and ideas :thankyou:. After texting a few friends - they said the info on the Monsoon website was wrong and there IS one in both Liverpool AND Warrington!!!. So...I went to the Liverpool one today with my mum...and...I'VE GOT MY DRESS :D:D:D Just like that! I couldn't be happier. My mum started getting all tearful when she saw me in it. I was amazed at how much difference 3 stone makes to how you look in a dress :eek::eek::eek:

I'm a happy happy hippity hoppity bunny :bliss: (I'm sure some of the 3 stone came directly from my brain :rolleyes:)

I wish I could give every one a big hug - this will have to do instead :grouphugg:

love ff x


Wants to be a yummy mummy
Ahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! How happy must you be??!!!!!!! Are we allowed to see a pic of it or is it a suprise??

Bet you can't wait to wear it now!
Yes I'll post a picture, probably this weekend if I can figure out how to do it - it might be easier if I used it temporarily as my avatar? What do you think?

It's a great weight off my mind - now all I've got to do is find some shoes and a bag to go with it :) love ff x
Doh! I'm such an air-head sometimes. I forgot to take a photo of the dress :( I'm keeping it at my mum's so my partner won't see it before the wedding :) I'll try and remember to photograph it for this weekend!

Just got back from my hen day out (not really into hen nights) had a fab day - went ice-skating in Deeside Leisure Centre :D and guess what? I didn't fall over :eek: I amazed myself - having said that - I wasn't what you'd call the most graceful of skaters - a more accurate description might include words such as careering, clutching (at barrier), laughing, wobbling, etc etc - basically no threat to Torville and Dean but it was great fun :D and then we went for a lovely pub lunch where we sat in the sun next to the canal. Then we went shopping in Gemini retail park where I bought myself a gorgeous top in the sale that was 3 sizes smaller than I was buying in January this year :D:D:D - so all in all a perfect hen day :D love ff x
Awww what a lovely hen day, hun!

And I'm so pleased you got yourself a beautiful wedding dress - that's very exciting!!!

When I saw your title, I was going to suggest going to a bridal warehouse (nearly new etc) cos that's where I got mine from. Keep it schtum though - my bloke has no idea I've already got me frock - we haven't even set a date yet - muhahahahah!!)



Silver Member
Which dress is it hun?
My Bridesmaids dresses are from Monsoon they are gorge, my Mum also got her dress from there as she thought the same as you about Queen Mother outfits!
Im all excited! How long til the big day & whereabouts in Warrington is it?
Hi all,
I keep forgetting to upload a picture of THE dress :sigh: so I've just trawled the web and found a picture. Couldn't figure out how to insert a larger picture into my message but I think I've managed to put a thumbnail picture as my avatar to give you the idea :D waddayathink?

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