1. RawrGirl

    RawrGirl Regained. :(

    So, yea, RawrGirl had total epic fail yesterday at a potluck social event.

    Not only did she eat passed the point of full, but then she came home and kept eating. Snacking on this, snacking on that, and then about half hour before she went to bed, decided she wanted real food, and heated up leftover pasta.

    Today, even just the sight of food makes her ill.

    Why does she do this? Why can't she just eat normally. Why does she act like, "oh my goodness, this food will never be here again so I must eat as much of it as I can right now!"? Even after she was full, it was like the tastebuds were insatiable and she just wanted a constant stream of food going past her lips.

    At this rate, RawrGirl will never maintain her goal weight (if she even ever reaches it), or she will be on a diet during the week for the rest of her life. She wants to just be normal and eat normal. What is bloody wrong with her?
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  3. Micci

    Micci Gold Member

    Hey RawrGirl,

    I can share those feelings. Waking up in the morning with such a feeling of 'OMG what did I do yesterday? As it all comes back. Do you find that once you've overdone it the feelings of being a failure around food make you feel so bad you keep on eating to cover them up? Then more and more bad feelings come up and get supppressed with yet more food. I discovered that's what I do anyway.

    The only thing to do is forgive yourself and start over yet again. You can do it, look at your achievements so far. HUG !!!!!

    Also, I really like these free podcasts. If you scroll down to 122 and 123, these look at the implications of a big binge Podcast: Inside Out Weight Loss - Aligning Mind Body and Spirit for Lasting Change | Diet | Weight Loss | NLP | Motivation | Fitness
  4. RawrGirl

    RawrGirl Regained. :(

  5. Micci

    Micci Gold Member

    I relistened, tbh, I don't know that those are the best examples of the whole lot of podcasts. I started at the beginning and was inspired. How are you feeling now?
  6. RawrGirl

    RawrGirl Regained. :(

    RawrGirl is ending the day at 557 calories (she usually eats 800-1000), and she worked out today....just frustrating because her average daily calories for this week will be 1500+ whereas usually they are 1057, so she's not sure if she will lose weight this week. Worse, she may gain. But otherwise, she is just trying not to think about it and just get back and stay on track.

    Thought the podcast itself was okay. May listen to another one tomorrow. Any suggestions?
  7. AnnieAnnie

    AnnieAnnie Gold Member

    Hi, just stumbled on your post. Sorry for the jump in. I'm also a binger. I used to be an exercise addict until I got injured then chose bingeing as a way to get rid of my stress. I've found some relief with eft (emotional freedom technique) none with counselling & some more with the book 'brain over binge'. Good luck :)
  8. Micci

    Micci Gold Member

    Talking about counselling .... I've just gone back from a good session tonight and think that dealing with my issues with my counsellor helps me a lot. PReviously I was having CBT which felt very superficial and did not help at all. It gave me more understanding but did not help me change, /but then ,,,, I didn't stick it out till the end. I've always felt a bit silly with EFT, do you think it works in itself AnnieAnnie or is a distraction from the sugar/whatever craving? I'd never heard of the book you mention, will look it up, I find getting into a new book often helps me too.
  9. RawrGirl

    RawrGirl Regained. :(

    Brain over Binge sounds very familiar. RawrGirl thinks she borrowed that from the library a few weeks back. Today she borrowed Crave: Why You Binge Eat and How to Stop and Mindless Eating: Why We Eat More Than We Think.

  10. AnnieAnnie

    AnnieAnnie Gold Member

    I also found cbt entirely unhelpful. Yes eft makes me feel ridiculous! But I can get it to work on some things immediately (I pernanently stopped biting my nails with one round after being a biter for 20 years.) other stuff takes more work. I don't really think it's a distraction as you have to think about the problem whilst you are tapping so if anything it makes me more panicky - imagining situations where I am about to binge & trying to be fully present. I've had acupuncture & it's a very similar feeling if calm I get afterwards.

    Will have a look at the books, RawGrl, thanks :)
  11. AnnieAnnie

    AnnieAnnie Gold Member

    I've just bought Paul McKenna's hypnotic gastric band book.
  12. ZenDogNine

    ZenDogNine Full Member

    I've done this so many times recently and I get so mad at myself for it and then do it again. I have no idea why I do it. I used to do it and then got really good about my food and exercise and lost 5 stone, relatively easily, because I just did the right thing. Then for some reason my stupid brain switched gear and decided not to both and 2 stone literally flew back on. I know lots of people don;t understand why I do it and then say how unhappy being big makes me, but it's something I can;t explain. While I do feel for you, I am also glad that it's not just me who does this!

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