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4th weigh in and surgery appt


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Hi All

I tried to post this morning, but had problems with the forum.

Ok, see I weighed this morning and was sooo happy! I have lost 7lbs this week!!!

That made my day as it took me under 23st. I know that is still huge, but losing 31lbs in 4 weeks has made me very happy :)

Met the surgeon today. Due to having put on weight since last seeing him, then losing some with Exante, I was nearly a stone less than the last time I had been at the hospital. He was happy with what I am doing. My blood pressure was perfect and he ordered full blood work so they can monitor how I am doing. We both agreed that surgery would not be he right option for me right now.

So, I am feeling very good. Started my 2nd Exante pack today. I am going to be monitored by the doc, so I am happy now to go to after week 12 for my refeed week.

Thank you for everyone's support on here :)
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Excellent news, I'm so pleased for you. :)


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Thank you very much :)


Still Motivated
Very well done Isis,

You are doing so well and I can feel your happiness.

When you have down days, remember how you felt at the hospital today and let that spur you on. :D

Love Myr xxx


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aaww! Thank you very much Myr :)

I will remember that and bottle the feeling. I certainly did feel fabulous.

I felt sorry for the people who are much larger than me, sitting there looking depressed and knowing they see the op as their only option. I wished in my heart they could all feel empowered to take control of themselves.

The doc said the op can cause depression, as you wake knowing you can never eat properly again. Exante seems like winning the lottery compared to that thought!:)


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Thank you very much Mark. It came as a very appreciated shock to me lol....Another 4lb would have had me over the moon. 7 was more than I had dreamed. Our bodies are strange things!lol


reaching my goal
well done isis glad that you had a good loss and you are not having the op you are doing well by your self :)


Grumpy Old Git
Well done.....:)

It is also good news that your Doctor is supporting you on this diet. Good supportive Doctors are hard to find these days so keep him on board...:cool:


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Thanks everyone :) he said I can even email him for support. Really nice man xxx
You go Isis!! How proud you must feel of yourself to have taken the right steps and made this work for you - I'm proud of you and we haven't even met!

I always have reservations about bariatric surgery. It's not that I think it's cheating or anything, it's just I think it's so terribly final - just think never being able to eat nprmally again -your surgeon is so right, people do suffer from depression afterwards. Imagine going through all that to feel just as miserable!

What you are doing is longer, and tougher, but baby, look at you GO !
Darlin', you are an inspiration.


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Wow, what lovely things to say! Thank you very much! I would blush if I could xxx


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Thanks chick.

The best thing is, if you do you shall know why. It is worse when you have no reason for gain.

Good luck though. I hope your scales are kind to you!:)

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