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4th Weigh In ... disappointed!


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
I would say that you need to drink more water try and aim for between 3 and 4 litres a day..

Well done on the 1 lb loss, it's still in the right direction..hang in there hun x.
a pound is still a pound at the end of the day. I agree with HM try increasing your water to 3-4l i also drink more if i've exercised that day!!
Weigh out a pound of something and look at just how much it is, and feel how much it weighs (I know it weighs a pound!! :)). I just think some of us forget quite how much a pound is because we get used to dropping 3 or 4 lbs a week. To lose a pound in weight is a great achievement.


Queen of the Damned
You've lost over a stone in a month which is exactly what it says on the tin - celebrate your success and keep up the good work :clap:
I agree with the others hun, its a loss, not as much as you would like, but a loss none the same. Try upping the water too. I remember my first week, I lost 12 lbs, the following week I lost 1 and I was gutted, but after that it was a regular 4 or 5, sometimes 3, so I expect you'll have a good loss next week, and it will all even itself out. Keep at it hun, you are doing brilliantly xxx

I knw how you feel, i got weighed last week and had stayed the same. This week however i lost 5lb so just keep at it. You may be holding water so if you can drink more then do that otherwise just keep at it. If you havn't measure yourself do that aswell as sometimes when you don't lose the weight you still have a good inch loss.

Good luck

Jo xx
Dont be down hearted .... look what you have lost in 4 weeks .... its a brill result and you should be really chuffed with yourself... and 1 lb off is better than a lb on or staying the same .... so well done
Thanks for all your replies... I will try and drink more water( it will be a struggle though) I feel much better after reading all your encouraging comments.

Tico xx:D
Hey Tico.....1lb loss is better than a gain! Mave you taken your measurements? But your down a few inches instead of weight loss x
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