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    Do you stick to a certain number of calories on your 5 non fast days? if so what have your weekly/monthly losses been like? I am tempted to try the 5:2 plan but a part of me thinks I wont lose on it, I'm willing to give it a try but first I would really like to know what peoples calorie intake is on their 5 non fast days.

    I have been doing a lot of searching and so far all I have found is for females to eat no more than 500 calories on their 2 fast days but I just cannot find a calorie limit for the non fast days. All I have found is to eat normally, but then I find myself asking "what's normal?" I'm not sure I really know?... if I did maybe I wouldn't have gained nearly 6 stone. One of the things I like about JUDDD is the calculator, knowing what my allowances. Even with me knowing my limit I find myself still going over so I don't think being told to eat 'normal' will work for me.

    I found another forum dedicated to the 5:2 plan and they mention on there finding your TDEE (total daily energy expenditure). Once you have that, to get a loss of 1 lb per week eat 3500 less blah blah. So what I did, which I could have done it totally wrong! is: my TDEE is 1906, so I multiplied that by 7 then subtracted 3500 and subtracted another 1000 (for my 2 fast days) to leave me with my calories to eat over my 5 non fast days. It leaves me with about 1768 for my 5 non fast days. For 1.5 lb it would be 1418 for my 5 non fast days. Maybe I have done that wrong though.

    Looking at those figures I could see me doing the 1768 on my 5 non fast days but I don't think I would do so great on 1400 calories a day on my 5 days - I think I might end up feeling like I'm on a low calorie diet - me and diets where I start to feel deprived do not mix, that's why I like JUDDD so much - I just can't help but be tempted to try 5:2.
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    Yeah, I hate that 'eat normally'. If I ate 'normally' to begin with I wouldn't have got myself into all that mess in the first place!

    My understanding (mainly from a friend doing it) she has two days of less than 500 cals (she eats very little, if at all those days, just lots of tea) and ets around 1800 cals per day or 2000 if she is exercising. She has lost a steady 1.5lbs a week. I think that the fasting aspect of it helps yu lose weight faster than if you did 2000x5 + 1000 over 7 days and that is the point, you don't need to 'diet' on your 5 non fast days. Though 2000 to me was a diet when I realised how much I had actually been eating!
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    Stick to the calculator's suggestion to begin with and see if it works. Your two fast days will create a calorie deficit and it's interesting to see how quickly the cals can add up.

    If you set a limit of 2000 calories and 500 on your fast days you'll be having an average of 1570 cals a day which should result in a loss. Some days you won't manage 2000 and some you might go over but give it at least a fortnight.

    You should find you naturally eat less on your up days as you'll know that you can be satisfied on fewer calories.

    Having freedom to "eat what I like" has resulted in me making better choices.
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    I make good choices and pick feeling foods so I know I'm only eating when I am hungry, don't go crazy everyday and it'll work but you do need to eat enough or it won't although I have lost with only eating about 1500 but my diet is mainly veg and it's doesn't add up as much as sweets, chocolate etc lol ;) .. as said above 1800-2000 is good to aim for especially exercising
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    riding along on the JUDDD bus
    Yep agree with everyone, remember a couple of things, the 3500 cal deficit for losing a pound is largely under debate at the moment, in fact as I understand it, that was never widely proven yet is one of those things that gets banded about in the diet world all too frequently, a bit like breakfast is the most important meal of the day and all that stuff.

    A pound of fat, will also take some water and general crap with it as you detox, so you'll find that even though your budgeting for a 1lb loss you'll get slightly more, unless you are exercising and retaining water
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    Am glad I'm not the only one wondering what the heck normal is, feel like today the day after my first fast day l have had a binge lots of food short space of time think the only way I'm going to be able to manage is by tracking what i'm eating on the non fast days because i felt so annoyed with myself.

    had never heard of TDEE but have just googled it and it comes in at 2163 think to start with i will aim for not totally blowing my calories like i've done today and see hopefully some good results on the scales
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