5:2 using Lighterlife foodpacks

Discussion in 'JUDDD / Intermittent Fasting' started by rubyred42, 18 February 2014 Social URL.

  1. rubyred42

    rubyred42 Member


    I've started the 5:2 using LL foodpacks so I don't have to think about food on fast days. Has anyone else done this? If so how are you getting on?

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  3. KittyBling

    KittyBling Gold Member

    Hi. I don't use lighterlife but I do use Tesco Ultra Slim shakes on a DD, 2 per day, to good effect if that helps.
  4. Twinrix

    Twinrix Full Member

    Can you tell more about the LL foodpacks please?
  5. fattifi

    fattifi Full Member

    I use 'slim and save' food packs on my fast days- makes it easy to have the right amount of calories.

    Twinrix LL are lighterlife food packs, Lighter life is a very low calorie diet- you see a consultant and get measured and weighed an they make sure the diet is suitable for you, you buy your packs and they are the only thing you consume- often shakes but some very low calorie diets also have 'space food' type meal replacements and chocolate style bars. They are nutrionally complete, low calorie and low carb. The packs usually have the calories listed on the labelling so its really easy to count them up and ensure you don't go over on fast days.

    There are many VLCD's cambridge, lipotrim and slim and save and lots of intermittent fasters use them so you don't have to think much on fast days. I use slim and save as I had some packs left over from my initially weight loss, you get it over the internet and it's cheaper and tastier than some other options, but everyone is different!
  6. Twinrix

    Twinrix Full Member

    Thank you for a brilliant post. All that's new to me, I always made the meals myself with lots of planning and thinking. I will look in to it

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