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5 a day

first i have a confession, i have yet to complete a full day 100%, i no i'm not in the right head space but if i give up completey it'll take me ages to start again. Anyway back to the matter at hand, i never eat fruit and veggies, most veggies make me sick (weird food phobias) i eat potatoes, sweetcorn, cucumber, onions thats about it, and fruit i will eat but not loads. So i was want to start having fruit smoothies for breakfast, i no when you blend fruit you have to count it as syns, not sure what they would be, but i'm kinda thinking the benifits of having my 5 a day would out way the extra syns, esp with over 10stone to lose. What do you think? any idea what syns are in blended fruit? any smootie ideas? If you are not a big veggie eater how do you get your 5 a day
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I love veggies so cant really help too much.. do you mind them in things. Making home made soup, casseroles etc with the veg in would be beneficial and free.

Smoothies are synned becuase they are seen as wasted calories. Not sure what the syns are though.
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Blended veg isn't syned, why don't you just eat the fruit you like & as much as poss, and the rest on blended veg, you can mash carrots or blend other veg to add to chilli, spag bol, shepherds pie, soups, so many things.

Don't get het up about it, if you can't eat it then don't just do your best :)
Do you eat tinned tomatoes? They count as one of your five a day and are a good way to get them in.

As for smoothies, a banana is about 5 syns, an apple is 2.5 syns, strawbs are 0.5 for 28g, mango is 1 syn for 28g

I could soon add up! But if you like sweetcorn and onion and cucumber then just eat that. Have corn on the cob as a snack. (potatoes don't count hun)
I'm getting better with veg, i can have onions in things now, i'm going to make sheppards pie tomorrow, so i'm going to try to blend some carrots and see how that goes. It frustrates me because i see stuff on here that i really want to eat but i no as soon as i try and eat it, i'll be sick. I'm thinking about getting hypnotherapy to try and sort it out.
Wow jaylou i didn't think they would be soo much, might just eat bananas
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Beans and pulses can count as one of the five- 3 heaped tablespoons of baked beans for instance is one of the 5 (but you can only count beans/pulses once a day)

I know it is only one, but better then none ;-)


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What about hidden veg? I sometimes blend carrots and pepeprs down etc in bolognese sauces for my 2 girls if they are being fussy! They never notice them :)

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Starting again!!
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I'm a bit weird in that I will only eat veg if it's cooked for me! (When I cook it myself it tastes odd and I can't physically eat it - even though I do it the same way my Mum does and have been fine about it for years!) it also takes a lot to get me to pick up fruit of my own accord - though I find supermarket pre-made fruit salads make my mouth water so tend to go for these! For both reasons I've found my weight loss has suffered, as obviously eggs & yoghurts don't have the same effect!

If you want to syn smoothies then give it a go for a week and see how you get on?