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5 a day

Do you get your 5(+) a day of fruit and veg and how do you get it?

As an online subscriber, the drawback is not being able to share meal suggestions in the way people do at the group meetings....until I stumbled on this forum:)

I love most veg (unlike fruit) and and can tick off 8 portions on my food planner most days. While I'm not bored with what I'm eating, I just wondered if any of you have any interesting ways of getting in the 5 a day. I often make soups, salads and roasted veg but do find a typical roasted meat and 2 veg dinner boring.
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I eat a lot of fruit and veg every day and I find when I do that I'm more likely to have a loss. I often put a sliced kiwi on the top of my branflakes in the morning, I chop up fresh pineapple and take it to work for snacking on during the day, I eat an apple when I'm driving to work, I make sure to have a minimum of two veg at dinner - I use frozen veg for convenience and for variety, because it's zero pp, that's a huge incentive for me to ensure I incorporate my five a day and still lose weight! Stir fry is probably the best and easiest way to use veg!
I like doing stir frys aswell, but I put some straight to wok noodles in with it. Its so much nicer with the added noodles :)
I find I have better/bigger losses when I have more veg too Slimandtoned. I can't get excited about fruit though. Wish I could but banana and grape or strawberry is my limit and I can't abide fruit on cereals....mind you, can't say I'm keen on cereals.
My breakfast doesn't get much variation. It's either a bacon breakfast or banana and peanut butter on toast.

I don't eat many stirfrys, that'd make a change Leanne. It's also something imindoors will eat. I like a sauce on a stirfry though. Will point up Uncle Bens Sweet an sour to see if it's an option!
the pouches of sauce are quite low, not sure what make they are. Although they just sort of give a taste to the stirfry, not lots of sauce.
1/4 of a 500g jar of Uncle Bens sweet and sour with extra pineapple is 3pp. With a small chicken breast as well for 4pp, it'll be a filling low pp meal that imindoors will eat with me. He's not into all the veg meals I've been having. Thanks Leanne


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Stir Fry's are great, I also do an italian style stew, which includes beef, potatos (or not) passata, & Carrots.

My OH doesnt like mushroom's or pea's or sweetcorn other wise i'd put these into the pot also. :)
That sounds really good! I'll have to try that one :)


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I'll post the recipie later :) x
Just had roasted cauli for lunch. Just cauli cut into smallish florets, crushed garlic, lemon juice and olive oil.Roast in a very high oven until cauli as tender as you like it. The cauli will char but it didn't affect the taste for me. Lovely if you like garlic!

I suppose you could cover the dish with foil if you don't like the charred taste.

Imindoors veg is limited to peas and carrots :sigh: though he is a big fruit lover.


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melteaser, i have got him to eat passata when I make sauces as if you crumble in a stockcube when cooking it takes the "edge" off the tomato taste - he now cannot tell the difference between my sauce and dolmio ;)
He will eat a brushetta type meal, especially when he has made it and we do have salad but it's a polite helping (an obligatory leaf and made a cube of cucumber!). He'll eat it but it just clogs up the plate he says. He's a very typical 'I eat meat' bloke.


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I invested in jars of spices & herbs, mix and match and see what suits you. They can transform the humble chicken breast, along with passada, balsamic vinegar, sea salt, soy sauce, it would amaze you what you can achieve.

Good luck with that.

Has anyone been put off salad stuff with the German e-coli problem? I popped to Aldi and Tesco this morning to restock and there did seem to be some good offers on salad stuffs in both stores.
It wouldn't put me off although my oh wouldn't let me put cucumber in our salad, just in case lol