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Discussion in 'Weight Watchers' started by lucysmommy, 25 June 2009 Social URL.

  1. lucysmommy

    lucysmommy Well-Known Member


    this is strange

    my meeting leader told me mines was 12st 3lbs but when i logged my weight this week on the official weight tracker, it said that i had got it this week?

    im 12st 5lbs - will i take the award and run?? lol

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  3. IreneH

    IreneH Well-Known Member

    Her maths might not be too good. Here's to your 10%

    Irene xx
  4. lucysmommy

    lucysmommy Well-Known Member

    cheers irene

  5. Twiggy

    Twiggy Is in the Zone

    My leader wrote my 5% and 10% on my card - both were under by half a pound ... so I just crossed them out and put the correct amount :)

    Congrats on your 5% :)

  6. *Saski*

    *Saski* Up for the challenge

    Congrats on your 5% m'dear! Here's to the 10% xx
  7. lucysmommy

    lucysmommy Well-Known Member


  8. florabell

    florabell Well-Known Member

    :talk017: well done on the 5%!!
  9. Madferret

    Madferret Mad as a Hatter

    Well done - just worked this out for you..

    You started at 182lbs - 5% of that is 9.1 lbs
    so if you have lost 9lbs then you have got your 5%

    Hope that helps ?

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  10. lucysmommy

    lucysmommy Well-Known Member

    thanks very much

    im still over the moon

    got a wee standing ovation at class yesterday for having lost 9lbs in 4 weeks


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