5 months to loose 3 stone

Discussion in 'SlimFast Weight Loss Diary' started by mcv, 9 March 2014 Social URL.

  1. mcv

    mcv Silver Member

    Family wedding 24th of August got me thinking again of restarting my weight loss.
    Had a little mooch around the shops on Saturday and I saw the most stunning dress, and thought that's it that's the dress I'm wearing, now this dress must be something special as I haven't worn a dress for around 14 years I LIVE in jeans and trousers, not only that I've bought a size 10/12 ( gulp) so I really have to get my backside in gear so I've got 5 months to loose 3 stone I'm sure it's do able start day is tomorrow x
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  3. mcv

    mcv Silver Member

    2 lb per week for 21 weeks.... I can do that !!
    I don't think I'm reaching too high and setting un realistic weight loss per week, but I will have to be very focused, determined, head strong & stubborn... Now that's something I can do with ease lol
    Roll on tomorrow, let the weight loss begin :)
  4. mcv

    mcv Silver Member

    Day 1.

    A good day,I had 2 shakes, 100 cals worth of milk, and a 800 cal meal. Tweeked it a little because of work but it still works out the same amount of calories.
    Feeling hungry now, it's around 11pm ish so there's only one thing for it and that's to go to sleep
    Good night x
  5. Katie's World X

    Katie's World X Gold Member

    Subscribing good luck on the weight loss you can do it just keep thinking about that stunning dress ;-) Xxx
  6. His-beau

    His-beau Full Member

    Good luck!! Hang that dress up and look at it everyday. You can do it!
    i have a size 10 dress for a wedding in September, I'm size 14 at the moment! Arg!
  7. 2mnn

    2mnn Full Member

    How's it going? X

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