5 stone in 14 weeks perhaps?!?!?

Discussion in 'Lighter Life Forum' started by Sez, 18 May 2007 Social URL.

  1. Sez

    Sez has started again!!

    Just dawned on me that if I can lose 6 lbs this coming week, I will have lost 5stone in my foundation period, the first 14 weeks!!

    TBH, even if I dont make it I am amazed that I have lost what I have already, despite the blips.

    It truly is a fabulous diet, isnt it?:character00238::character00238::character00238:
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  3. natpot

    natpot Full Member

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    Slimming World
    Wow!!! That is an amazing acheivment. Well done you:D
  4. harri

    harri Full Member

    :party0048: i bet you feel absolutely made up with yourself and what a long way you've come, congratulations! People like you really inspire me and others:thankyou:
  5. icemoose

    icemoose The Diet Guy

    Don't diet anymore!
    Wow!! That is serious lossage!!

    Well done!

    Mad diet isn't it but it works.......

  6. katie_oxo

    katie_oxo Silver Member

    That's brilliant Sez, as you say it's an amazing diet ... only wish I'd found it sooner :)

  7. carla

    carla Full Member

    :party0019: :party0019: :party0019:

    That's amazing! What a loss... congrats. :D

    Really inspires people like me to keep to going.
  8. Eileen

    Eileen likes posting.

    Slimming world.
    Amazing loss, im only on week 2 so i love it when i see all these wonderful loses.I wonder how many of us have started diets & given up, Ive never finished one yet!I think i will this time as the results are so fast.
    Good luck everyone.
  9. Heaven can wait

    Heaven can wait Silver Member

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    A- MAZE -ING !!!

    I am really inspired by you Sez!

    well done!
  10. pokerstar

    pokerstar Full Member

    Cambridge diet
    Well Done!!
  11. hollycat

    hollycat To infinity and beyond!

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    Slim and Save
    Brilliant result. Very inspiring.Well done.
  12. Tiger Girl

    Tiger Girl Full Member

    Hey Sez
    I too am on track to lose 5st in Foundation - doesn't it feel great!?
    I never thought I would lose so much. I've got 3lb to go and another week and a bit so should do it. My 3lb loss this week isn't a full week as I've switched to development this week, so maybe I'll inch over the 5st mark by the time I get to Day 100! :party0011:
    Big 5st loss congrats to you too! :D
  13. Heaven can wait

    Heaven can wait Silver Member

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    Whaw !

    I have another 5 weeks to do in foudation and if you had told me at the start I could lose the 3 stone by now I just would not have believed it but all of a sudden the evidence is ther and its just unbelievable isnt it?
    I hope I can achieve 4 stone something by then I will be thrilled but 5 stone would be great!
  14. tishtosh

    tishtosh Hopeful for the future

    So well done Sez ... thrilled for you x
  15. Sez

    Sez has started again!!

    Hi everyone. Have posted this on another thread, but..
    Didnt quite make 5stone at 14 week WI, I was 1.5lb short of that, so I am not complaining!! (Makes a change!!)

    I do wonder where all that fat of ours ends up, is there a river of blubber somewhere?? Will the water authorities make us pay a "green" tax for blubber pollution??? LOL!! :)
  16. fatpossum

    fatpossum Silver Member

    That's a very good question Sez - what happens to all that used up fat we pee down the toilet???

    Does it affect the environment?? Are little fishes lapping up our old rolls of fat and if we eat fish it is likely that we might one day end up ingesting bits of our fat old bottoms? :eek:

    Even worse, are we likely to eventually ingect bits of other LighterLifers fat old bottoms? :eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::D
  17. AngieBabie

    AngieBabie Silver Member

    Lighter Life/Cambridge
    Well done. I also lost 70lbs in the first 14 weeks, just wish my head would catch up with my body though, it is weird when you see your reflection and you just cannot fathom that its you! Angela x
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  19. Heaven can wait

    Heaven can wait Silver Member

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    URGGHH !!!!:p bloody hope not!
  20. FatAsh

    FatAsh Member

    Cambridge Diet
    Sez you are a great inspiration, I have been on CD for 3 weeks and hope to lose 6 stone, I am feeling really positive and reading stories like yours just make me even more determined, thanks for posting your great loses.
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