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5 stone lost, 3 to go :) Updated 10/04/11 :)

Hiya :)

In May this year I weighed 18st 12lbs, today I weigh 13st 12lbs, 5 stone gone exactly :D I didn't start dieting properly til the end of June and somehow lost 1st 3lbs between May and then but thought I would put some pics up anyway. Yesterday's pic is a bit blurry but you kind of get the idea lol I still want to do another 3 stone but I finally feel like it's achievable!

First pic, with my little'un, taken May 2010 on holiday. 2nd pic taken yesterday :)

Sherry x

10/04/11 Now 6st 5lbs down :) Added a couple of new pics, blue t-shirt taken 08/04/11 xx
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Wow you look good. Well done on losing your weight:happy096:


size 14 here I come
Huge well done to you! you look fab :D:D xxx
well done Sherry, you look great, good work love, keep it up. :)
Thank-you very much for your kind comments :) I WILL be back when I'm at goal :)

Sherry xx
Thankyou :)

Can I ask a strange question? lol Does anybody struggle as they lose weight, image wise? I am finding I am far more critical of what I look like now, than what I ever was. 5 stone ago, I didn't really care that much how I looked or what people thought of me. Now sometimes I look in the mirror and think ok, I've lost some weight but my chin looks funny, my bingo wings could fly me to the moon just by flapping them up and down and my back is flabby. And when people comment on my weight loss I wonder to myself if they are thinking to themselves "Ok, she's lost some weight but she's still a mega lard-ass!" Is it "normal" to feel this way or am I a head case? lol

Sherry x
You're a head case Sherry. ;)

I did a bit of that when I lost the first large amounts and seemed to have an apron (sorry, TMI) of skin hanging on my stomach, but it went and I'm OK now. :)

Viva La Diva

A Brit living in the USA
Well done Sher, that's already a lot of weight gone, fan- bloody-tastic !!! You are rocking it and under the 200 lb mark, I'm green with ENVY !! Haha ! You look younger too !!
I am still big but when I was 18 stone plus I was just thankful to find ANYTHING that fitted, I was a UK 24/26, now I'm a size 18, aiming to get back to my 12's, and my body image is Zero !! I think it takes a while to readjust to what you see in the mirror and how you feel..... Just remember to tell yourself that you are now this size AND that you worked hard and DESERVE it !! Go you !!
Well done, the photos are fab.

With regards to what we look like, is there anyone (women mainly) who is 100% pleased with their body???? Look at skeleton spice (aka victoria Beckham), she was fine before but just look at her now!

Love me for who I am otherwise don't let the door smack you on the way out!
In my opinion VB looks dreadful, can't imagine any man who could fancy her.


Thoroughly Determined
You look absolutely great!! Well done!! :D