500 calories 2 days a week, eat what you like the rest?

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    No doubt this has already got it's own thread(s) so please let me know where they are:D

    A work colleague has been doing this diet for about 3-4 weeks now and has lost 1/2 a stone which she was struggling to lose before. Both of us have been with Slimming World for quite some time, and what weight we lost, soon went back on again as we got bored of the SW way of eating.

    I would like to try this 500 calories over 2 days thing, and I've drawn up a list of what I can eat. I need it so I am munching on something pretty much every hour or so during the day. If I get hungry I can sometimes go light headed, irritable and shaky.

    Interested in your views on this way of eating.
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    If you are planning on eating every hour or so then you won't get the health benefits from the diet. Ideally you should either have one or two small meals and no snacking. Yesterday I had breakfast at 8.30am and then nothing till dinner at 8pm

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