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521 days and counting

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Weight Loss Diary' started by dragoneye454, 18 June 2014 Social URL.

  1. dragoneye454

    dragoneye454 Full Member

    So a confession to start.
    Since start of November I have lost 1st 8 pounds.
    But since starting slimming world in MarchI have yo-yoed to a massive loss of.... 6 pounds to be yet again stuck at the 15 stone stage.
    So 1st 2 without slimming world and 6lb without, and its not because the plan doesn't work, it's because I have lost all momentum.

    The usual excuses have come along. We've moved into our first house together, I am now fighting to keep my job under a new company restructure. Though these things are stressful, I'll admit, it's not a good enough reason and I know it.

    So here we are. Me and my rather dashing boyfriend have decided that in November 2015 (our two year anniversary) we are going to visit the mouse in Orlando. I did this once in 2012 and have wanted, badly i'll add, to go back ever since. Andrew has never been.

    This poses two issues.
    1) There is no way I am going to Orlando and wearing a cossie in the state I am in and
    2) we have some serious saving as we aren't the most well to do people and we have *cough* 6 grand to save in one year and five months. Ouch.

    So I have decided on this, a blog. How many days can I stay perfectly on plan and also have No spend days as I do tend to waste money as well, namely on other people, to make them feel better. Honestly, I can't remember the last time I bought myself anything significant.

    For those people who haven't got bored and clicked away, welcome to day one.
    The plan so far.

    Today has been an on plan day. We need more superfree in the house to be able to utilise in our meals as it is sadly lacking today, but the only syns I have had are in 6 maltesers. Yes I counted them, six out of a big 121g bag. The OH unfortunately ate the rest after my self control kicked in so he is maybe not as on plan as he should be.

    This is also a no spend day. I have to buy milk for work on a three time weekly basis so I am not counting that and also my slimming membership as thats a needs must atm, which is every Thursday.

    So here we are. Tally is

    On plan: 1/1/521
    NSDs 1/1/521

    Disney plans: Hoping for the wilderness lodge with a woodland view and if we can get the deposit down by July 5th, it comes with a free DDP. Yes, two weeks off plan then I think.
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  3. Sammie1984

    Sammie1984 Full Member


    Welcome, I am new too.... Well this time around ha!

    What a lovely thing to save for, I have never been to florida id love to go but sadly i am the same as you, Spend spend spend and nothing to show for it... I always get stuck on the 15s too as sad as it sounds i cant wait until i am in the 15s again i am hoping to be in the 16s on monday so fingers crossed....

  4. dragoneye454

    dragoneye454 Full Member

    I know what you mean. The 15 stone mark just taunts me, I think I've got past it and then I am back again.

    Florida is just amazing, everyone is so friendly and you gotta love disney. Bit of a big kid really

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  5. dragoneye454

    dragoneye454 Full Member

    Ok, so as we are counting backwards, this is day 520. Another day down woop woop.

    Weigh in was today and we had a grand total of.... -0.5, mainly helped by the fact I wore a rather light summery dress. But ah well, can't cheat it forever.
    Today is definitely not a NSD as it is also shopping day and after weigh in we also have a little mini blow out to get it out our system.
    So whilst both targets are a fail today, one day out of seven isn't that bad right?
    Well until Saturday night when our house warming kicks in and there will be a fair few bevvies floating about

    100% 1/2/521
    NDS 1/2/521
  6. Sammie1984

    Sammie1984 Full Member


    How are you doing? Well done on the loss, a loss is a loss at the end of the day your going in the right direction :) xx
  7. dragoneye454

    dragoneye454 Full Member

    Not so great haha. We had a birthday weekend and that as well as the interview to fight to keep my job today we are currently 2.5lb up from last weigh in with two days to go. Back on it today though with a yog for brekkie. No lunch (felt ill with nerves) and hm chilli and rice for tea.

    No spending today either woop.

    We can do this. Deposit for hol goes fown friday so only three days to go for that one

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