OMG - that's amazing! It really touched my heart too ...
i am sitting her with tears rolling down my face,she has so much insight, i don't know what else to say
Oh Isobel that is just sooo wonderful - it should be put in for some kind of award.

What a fantastically inspirational daughter you have.
What a talented girl, she must be encouraged to write as much as possible, at her age there can be a real torrent of good writing. I wrote prolifically at that age until I was about 15, very similar stuff to what your daughter has written, it just flowed off the end of my pen, I don't know how or why! I wonder if it is the same for her? After 16 I could not do it so easily but I have a folder full of stuff I wrote and I still like to read it. She obviously has tremendous insight into other peoples feelings which is just fantastic and is probably due in no small part to her very empathetic Mum!
I think you must be bursting with pride, I know I would be.
She must keep this up and make sure we get to share her poems, she is a talent to reckon with!

Lots of love
Well that's an amazing piece of writing period, but from a 12 year old - fantastic. You must be very proud of her Isobel.
Oh Issy. It's made me go all goosebumply.

Jesbus - thats AMAZING!!!!


Such depth from a 12 year old - such understanding and passion...

Nurure that Isobel!!! You got talent there...

This is a poem she wrote today in her Year 8 English class - the teacher liked it so she brought it home for me to read and it made me weep.

I made her promise to tell me if she ever felt as bad as the girl in her poem. OMG - doesn't bear thinking about! Especially after the events of this last week in our neighbourhood!

Bully Poem

I open her door and sigh.
Lying there, she's sleeping.
I look closer and feel so bad.
I've seen that she's been weeping.

I go up to her and stroke her leg.
Her face is cold and pale.
I check her arms and stomach.
She's like a ragdoll - limp and frail.

I find a razor in her drawer
but no blood, just plain.
I take it and lock it up.
Not again, not again.

Bruises are forming on her knees,
Her skirt is torn and ripped.
Her shoes are scuffed, her hair a mess.
I don't think that she tripped.

Why didn't she tell me?
Why did she hold back?
I don't know who did this to her,
But their heart is painted black.

I find a bottle of pills in her sheets,
Clumps of hair missing from her head.
She's not breathing, I cry
Oh my God, she's dead.

I tuck her in and kiss her head.
Was this monster wild?
I will find out who did this to you,
But for now, good night, my beautiful child.

Tanith Pyner

Isy, hi, hun. This poem of Tanith's is breathtaking for her age and show's her level of insight and understanding.

I think, personally. tha she will end up in a profession where persoanl qualities like this can benefit vulnerable people.

This is a message for Tanith and you Isy so could you please(if poss and you agree with what I've said) let her read it with you?:) Naturally hun, if you don't think it's appropriate at the mo, just let me know.

Hi Tanith,

I have just read your poem and wanted you to know that I think it is brilliant, touching and could possibly help other kids of your age who have experiences of bullying and feeling alone, with no-one to turn to.

I would really like to show this poem to my boss at the agency where I work, but I could only do that with your permission as the poem is yours. I know you've met me a few times now but maybe don't know what I do for a job?

Well, I am a Young Person's Drug and Alcohol Worker and that includes talking and listening to young people like you, who can have loads of things that worry them and they don't know what to do or who to speak to. My job's not just about drugs and alcohol but also about bullying, feeling down or alone or anything that is making a young person feel sad.

I think your poem could be so helpful to other kids your age that I am thinking it could be included in the leaflets I send out to all the schools down here in Yorkshire.

Have a think about it darling and see what Mum thinks as well. If you're not sure about it at the moment and don't want to, that's totally ok and maybe we could have a chat when I visit Mum again in January.

It really is a special poem Tanith.:)

Lots of love,

Lacey...xxx:D :D :D
You are no doubt rightly proud of your young lady Issy.

She not only writes with sensitivity, but also at a standard, well advanced of her years.

She has a real talent. If only I had that depth of feeling, let alone the lalent at 12 (or 41 for that matter).