5lba a Week For 11 Weeks!


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I want to lose 5lbs a week every week for 11 weeks! I am 100% focused and not cheating! I also drink 4 litres of water every day!

Is this possible? I thought it was an average of 20lbs a month anyway but I have read somewhere that its an average of 14lbs a month!??

Which is it?
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If you dont cheat its supposed to be a stone a month i.e 14lb. Good Luck.

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Sammy's right, it's 14lb a month but in the first month you'll probably lose more because of emptying your water/glycogen stores.

I personally think it's better to aim for a goal of "stick to it 100% every week for 11 weeks" because if you're doing that you can be safe in the knowledge that you're losing weight as fast as your body will possibly let you, after all it's only your mind that knows it wants to lose 5lb a week but your body may have other ideas!

If you set a weekly amount like 5lb that you cannot possibly control (other than not cheating) then you'll only get upset if your body doesn't play ball. My start BMI was more than yours and I've "only" lost a steady 3lb or so a week, sometimes less, but it is the fact that I have stuck with it regardless that has got me where I am now.

Best wishes and good luck with it xx
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S: 14st12lb C: 8st12lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 22.7 Loss: 6st0lb(40.38%)
It doesn't mean you won't - many do, you might be one of the lucky ones! Just don't get yourself down if your loss turns out slower than that once you're a few weeks in because your BMI is not hugely-huge (although if you're like me you might feel that way sometimes :eek:).



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Hi I suppose it depends on each individual. As Serena says some weeks you will lose more then others. I'm in my third week now but for the first 2 weeks I was weighing myself every other day (guess I was excited) and of course it fluctuated. So now I'm just going to get weighed once a week at my CDC session. That way it'll be more of a shock if I do lose loads. Good luck with your journey x


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14lbs is what cd say you will lose in a month :) If you look up oisin on here, i know she was having like 4lb losses each week on cd i dont know if she is still aorund the site but you could look her up and see what she done :)

Becky x


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Stick to it 100% and what will be will be
Some people I note have lost more in their first week than I have lost in 2 but im not worried by other peoples results only my own
Its great to see other people doing well but thats outside my control
My target is to stick to this plan for 100 days at 100% compliance and see where it takes me - Im hoping for 70lbs as an ideal scenario which is 5lbs per week but hey if I lose 4 per week thats still56lbs 4 stone 4 lbs which would be awesome evan 3 per week is 42lbs 3 stone
Just keep sipping that water


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Like everyone said if ya stick to it 100% then anything is possible. Some say its an average of 14lbs a month but then the more ya exercise the more loss ya can achieve. Stick your mind to it and keep yourself occupied that way ya wont be wanting anything to eat. Gud luck