5lbs in 2 weeks argghhhh!!!!!!!!


taking it 1 day at a time
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That does sound a bit disappointing but remember it's better off than on. Sorry to be personal, but could it be TOTM, seems to be a cause in some women. Don't let it throw you off the wagon though, keep it up, even if your losses stay the same you'll have lost 10lbs by the end of the next fortnight, that's not to be sneezed at.
Good luck.


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It can be because of so many reasons.

If you have less to lose you wont lose as much, were you on a low carb diet before starting Exante?

But I can imagine how frustrated you must feel, sometimes our bodies just dont do what we want them to do but then one week your have an unexpectidly high weight loss.


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stick with it, it will balance out, maybe your body has had a shock and is trying to keep hold of it. five pounds in two weeks is good though, don't be angry just see what the next few weeks bring, some lose less the first few weeks then get a couple of whammys in the middle


thanks for your support totm has been and gone and my starting weight was 14-11 but like i say have yo-yo dieted for the last 20 yrs