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5th day into TS, im finding this really enjoyable, is there a problem?


has to be done this year
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I'm on the 5th day of TS and I find that I'm not struggling at all. I just had the odd upset tummy 2 days ago but that seems to have resolved. Looking at most peoples diaries, there 1st week seems to be very struggling and daunting and the thoughts of food seems to be a major problem. This is my 5th day and i am not thinking of food at all, haven't yet had headaches, don't feel tired or weak at all, infact feel really great and have lots of energy. I love the bars, shakes and soups, its prob the most enjoyable diet I've tried. I have stuck to it 100% and only had water and no other drinks, i haven't experienced the so called 'dog breath' feeling either:)... is there a problem, does this mean I am not in ketosis? Shouldn't i be struggling at this point, I'm just worried if this diet is going to work for me because it seems to enjoyable:)
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Whatever you are doing keep doing it as it sounds like you have the ketosis high which comes with a feeling of well-being and energy. You are very lucky as not everyone experiences it and when you do it does make this diet so much easier.


has to be done this year
S: 13st5lb C: 9st13lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 23.9 Loss: 3st6lb(25.67%)
thanks mini, i just presumed something was wrong because I'm finding the diet really easy and have no appetite and am not having most of the common side effects. I know I'm following the diet 100% so its not that I'm not doing it incorrect, i hope I'm feeling like this because like you said due to the 'high ketosis' Well I'm not too hope full about my weigh in on Monday because i started totm today and by Monday prob still weigh really heavy as i hold a lot of water, and secondly i had lost 6 pounds last week through another diet, so not sure if i will loss this week, but hopefully next week it should kick in:)
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No, doesn't have to be struggling in first week, for me first week was the easiest too, because I had a lot of enthusiasm and willpower to make me go through it. I found it more difficult later on, because of cravings and missing normal life, with the rest of the world.

Anyway, is not like it must be difficult! Perhaps for you it will stay like this for the rest of your diet :) Good luck!
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Dont question why you are not finding it a struggle.
Just keep doing what you are doing for the meantime, and everything will be fine.
As a wee saying goes, you have to make hay, when the sun shines.... so you keep on making your hay for now
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I also got through my week one on vlcd easy as anything. Done week 1-4 100% but then ate after my nan's funeral then it was so hard to get back to 100% every day after that. If i can give any advice id say Just try not to fall off the wagon and it should be fine. Well done you are doing fab xx


has to be done this year
S: 13st5lb C: 9st13lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 23.9 Loss: 3st6lb(25.67%)
oh thanks guys for the support. i just have this perception in my head that a VLCD diet has to be real struggle with loads of side effects, but after looking at some of yr views, I now know that its quite normal what I'm experiencing:) also I agree with fortune cookie that in time it may actually get harder for some, because u start missing normal eating, just think u cant even grab an apple or anything so its very strict, but for others it may be a struggle at 1st and then get easier, whatever the case I have made my mind and going to stick to this until i loose 2 stones, and good luck to u all:)


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My fear is eating a little bit when I have my break, thinking it'll be fine to get back on the wagon and then just bingeing afterwards. I think maybe the key to when you do eat is to try and avoid anything that you used to crave before you dieted. I imagine it would just make it a MISSION to get back on if you had like a bag of sweets and thought you were gonna be ok after.

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