6 Servings a Day???


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Will it screw up my weight loss and/or ketosis if I up my servings to 6 a day instead of 4?
I don't use ketostix or anything but I know that it helps aid in fat burning and I don't want to ruin it if I am in ketosis.
I just am really hungry, like my tummy hurts hungry.
What do you want to do have 2 extra packs per day??
Cant you just split your backs??
Are you doing CD or LL?
Hi hun - are you on the USA CD? Or over 5' 8"? Cos the UK one is 3 packs a day for most women.

I was told at my training day that the occasional use of an extra pack is ok, but of course will up your calorie count and carb level, so could knock you out of ketosis. Have read just now in the CD newsletter that if you have a strenuous job or exercise vigorously, you might need an extra pack to give you more energy.

well, one serving is 110calories on cdusa so you are supposed to have four of them a day. but........i find it so easy to just have 2 servings at once!!!! and i really do feel like i need the extra.............. :confused:

But I just don't know if I will entirely screw myself over if I do!