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6 stone to lose x buddy up anyone? X

Hi everyone :)

I am 29 and have a hubby, plus two boys aged 2and 9 x I find it hard to keep to diets long term as I have quite a busy and complicated lifestyle x amongst many challenges my husband works nights so sleeps during the day meaning I'm on my own a lot and another is my 9 year old boy who has ASD ADHD and ODD so needs a lot of attention and love therefore paying attention for myself comes way down the list especially with a toddler running around as well lol x

Started my journey again last week after losing 1 and 1/2 stone then putting it all back on :( i lost 3lb last week so my weight now is 15stone 7 and 1/2 and I am 5f 3inches

I really want to crack this this time and not give up so looking for buddies to go the journey with me :)

I am on the Slimming World Extra Easy Plan which I enjoy more than other eating plans I have tried and my husband is supporting me I.e cooking and learning new recipes etc x ( he could do with losing a couple of stone too bless him lol)

Anyone else got to lose similar amount? X drop me a line :)
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S: 34st4lb C: 32st12lb G: 17st1lb BMI: 57.5 Loss: 1st6lb(4.17%)
Hello there, welcome aboard and good luck on your weight loss jourrney :)
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Hi, i have 5 stone to loose and didnt even know it, the weight creped on slowly and it wasnt until this weekend i saw old friends who were soo shocked at how much weight i had put on. im 5'9 and thismorning weighed 17.1lb. im gutted. my ultimate goal is 12stone. but would do a kartwheel if i got to 14stone in the near future. I was 14 stone when i started dieting and all that seams to happen is i loose.. then put way more back on, so i try a different diet and bla bla bla.. same thing happens. my friend gave me the carol vorderman summer detox book, she swears by it and looks fantastic, so thats where im at today.. this time its for life, im sick of being misreable and need to make big health changes within my life. happy journies everyone :)
S: 16st9lb C: 12st10lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 29.6 Loss: 3st13lb(23.61%)
Hey Hun

I'm 5ft 5 and currently weigh 15.1 god knows I could do with some help I am doing ok but occasionally need a telling off lol

G: 10st0lb

Well done on starting again! It's not easy but its doable!

I am 25, have a fiancé and also 2 boys - aged 3 and 1. I also work part time and study at open university so I know what you mean by busy and complicated :) I also have almost 6 stone to lose so we are very similar in that sense. I started last Thursday weighing 15 st 12 and had my first weigh in tonight -3 pounds and down to 15 st 9. I cannot wait to see and 14 there! :)

When's your weigh in day? Do you plan much and keep a food diary?

I put my food diary on my fridge so every time I go to get something from the kitchen I write it down immediately and I've found it helps lots! I forget less and also eat less x

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S: 16st5lb C: 16st5lb G: 11st6lb BMI: 0.6 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Hi Im 5,10 and am around 16stone,i would like to be 12 or less if i can,x

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S: 115.21kg C: 99.34kg G: 76.2kg BMI: 34.3 Loss: 15.9kg(13.78%)
Im 5ft 7. Started in June at 17.12, got down to 16.4 by august then stopped. So rejoined slimming world in October and am currently 15.11 and half. Want to be 11 and half stone ideally. I work shifts so food is a nightmare. Have to be very organised!!
Good luck to you all. Hopefully we'll all be at our goals soon x

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I know what you mean,when my boss asked if I wanted time off over Xmas,I said just Xmas day and boxing day.I'm too scared to take anymore in case I just sit and eat! Lol.Working keeps me from putting it back on and helps to push me to lose more.don't ever want to ask for a bigger uniform and love asking for smaller ones! (i always hand back the big ones so I can't sneak back into them! :eek:) x
S: 16st5lb C: 16st5lb G: 11st6lb BMI: 0.6 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
I feel like my head is giving me an excuse to fail. because Its Xmas,odd but i cant get rid of it,

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Hi everyone x so sorry never replied to this thread, only just realised x how is everyone doing now its been ages since Xmas x did you all manage to get a loss since? X I put on 7 lb at Christmas but came bck after lost 5lb then 3 lb then 1 lb then 0.5 lb and then put on 1.5 lb grrrr started back ok and then week 5 I waiverd lol but bck in the driving seat again and hoping to get to my next mini goal of 15st as I was 15st5lb at last weigh In x look forward to hearing from you all and will try to reply sooner this time hehe x
S: 34st4lb C: 32st12lb G: 17st1lb BMI: 57.5 Loss: 1st6lb(4.17%)
Nice to see you back on board.

Was quite pleased with myself during the festive period as Istill managed to lose.

Hope you have a good weekend.
Aww well done that's really good you must have tried really hard :) I'm really getting into it now as been learning new recipes and trying them out :)

So far tried - diet coke chicken, smash pizza, banana flavoured chocolate mini cakes, trifle, coronation chicken, chicken Korma, x
S: 19st4lb C: 17st2lb G: 12st2lb BMI: 38.7 Loss: 2st2lb(11.11%)
Hi teamnasher I have 6 stone to lose by september as got refused an operation until I lose the weight. I am on slimmers world too, lost some over the last 3 weeks but so wished I was hitting bigger numbers as need to lose at least 4lb a week. I have quite a few health issues that restrict my exercise but still doing what I can when I can :) I think the one difference this time is my mind set, I want some quality of life back and that is not going to happen until I 1) shift some of the weight and 2) get the operation I desperately need.
looking for anyone that will travel with me on my weight loss :eek:) I dont attend the classes I am using my books from last year as we just dont have the finances at the moment to go to a club.
I have been trying the recipes too ( diet momma on facebook has some excellent ones)
Hello x sorry to hear you are unwell, totally understand as I was really ill for a few years and only just got medication that works which now makes it much easier to lose weight x you can do it I'm sure, trying new recipes is a really good way of stopping yourself getting bored as I tried sw so many times before but gave up after few wells cos bored and was yearning for things x now I try all sorts and found this has really helped me and am currently on week 6 whoop :) be good to keep in touch to help each other :) if you would like I could help send you recipes etc if you would like specific ones? Got loads saved up now lol speak soon :)
S: 19st4lb C: 17st2lb G: 12st2lb BMI: 38.7 Loss: 2st2lb(11.11%)
I am just entering week 5 (on monday) :) So far Ive lost a stone which is the most I have ever lost, and stuck to it this time :) with you all the way! Ive just done an old workout that I used to do 20 years ago (my hubby bought a convertor to turn our videos into dvds) apart from suffering the corny 80's music I really enjoyed it, and got further on it than I have ever done before :) Its strange but even having lost a stone I dont feel any difference yet but surprised ive managed to lose so much in such a little time and also eat far more than I ever have :) I cant eat carbs so using the red sw and keeping all meals to free and saving up syns for things I really like. I think I am boring my family with syn talk LOL but if thats what gets results they will have to get used to it :)
Wishing you luck on your way and will support you 100% :)!
(got daughter baking in the kitchen at the moment, 1syn per slice sponge cake) :) smells heavenly
Mmmm cake sounds lovely :) what did it taste like? Nice to have someone cook for you :) lol I don't mind 80's music hehe x I don't tend to do excersise yet as I'm slowly building myself up by walking more and losing weight as where I was do I'll for so long I didn't get any excersise and my muscles are quite weak, but found I've had way more energy since losing so not on the couch all day lol that's what I used to be like, but I am up and about, cooking new recipes, and even managed to play with my toddler on the floor today without getting cramp lol x had a bad throat virus this week so not done so much walking but managed to keep to plan even by sunning my throat lozenges lol I tried red days a couple years ago but missed my wedges and jackets too much lol are you allergic to carbs? Glad red days are working for you tho :) I'm extra easy as find it easier when cooking for the whole family x my hubby decided to start sw but from home yesterday so been going through the books with him and found it good for me as well as you can forget things as time goes on So good to read the basics occasionally x cooking a healthy chicken roast tomorrow as have family round x hope they like it healthy lol cos they will go hungry if not hehe :) hope you have a great weekend :)