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7 months on the weight watcher diet

Hi everybody,:)

Got weighed last night and lost another 4.5lbs thats a total loss of 5 stones 9.5lbs in just 7months and 1 week, delighted with the results so far, and I seem to be still enjoying doing this diet, and hopefully I will stay motivated until I get to goal. Started doing the 10 mins. solutions DVD for Latin and salsa dancing this week, its great fun and it must have helped with the weight loss.
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wozers well done you. brilliant result and great with the constant hard work
Wow thats really inspirational - well done! Ive been following WW for a month so far and have lost 12 lbs - I hope i can do as well as you! :)
Wow thats amazing!!!!!

I was considering joining WW on Wednesday but after reading these, 5 stone loss and 12lb in one month I definatley am going to now!!!!!

Congrats, you must all be chuffed!!

Jennie x
Inspiration .......... WELL DONE
Would you mind me being nosey?:eek:

Do you have all your points daily?
How much water a day do you drink?
How much exercise do you do and what week did you start?

Thanx xx
Wow well done - that is an amazing achievement
I drink between 1.5 litres and 3 litres of water mixed with no added sugar squash a day, my exercise various from week to week, when my weight loss slows down i will change it, I have 3 different exercise dvds that i use, their called 10 min solutions Latin dancing, 10 min solutions carb and calorie burner and 10 min solutions fat burning dancing. Each dvd has 5 sets of 10 min exercises on it and you can change the exercises everyday so you don't get bored, there fun and you work up a sweat and they were cheap on the internet they were around 5 euro each in December, and i also do walking. I do between 3 to 5 days of exercise a week from 30 to 50 mins depending how I feel, I try to stick to my points everyday but there is some days, that I might eat 3 points less a day as I do be to full, not everyday, it might be one day on week and 2 days the next week, i don't starve myself, I allow myself anything I want to as long as it is in my daily points, Since I have started the diet I have never gone over my points, but I still have my few alco. drinks going out and the odd Chinese, but it is all worked into my points. I didn't break the diet over Christmas, but I still had Christmas dinner, and my goodies and I didn't miss out and I lost 6lbs over Christmas, my weight loss changes from week to week I can lose anywhere from 4lbs to sts. I use to eat a lot of bread everyday but I cut down on it and eat it every second day and it has helped me lose weight quicker over the last month. Since I have started the diet I have tracked my food every single day even over Christmas, as my leader in Weight Watchers says "if you bite it write it" and this helps me. I try to vary my diet as much as possible, and I take it one day at a time. hope this helps, and if anybody needs any help just ask.
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..crawling after ze wagon
Oh wow Laura, that is really brilliant!!! well done you!!
And you are really a prime example that WW does work if you stick to it! Am so proud of you for always sticking to your points and writing everything down - I really should be a bit more strict myself sometimes..
tonight was my weigh in and lost another 1.5 lbs, yes size 102b that is the dvds, and they have the dancing ones too, which I also like as they are fun, you have 5 sets of 10 min exercise on each dvd, i'm going to look out for a few more dvds like the ones I have, as you can mix and change the sets of exercise you do each day, so you don't get bored.
thats amazing hun brillant weightloss :D
thanks everybody for the nice replies, I forgot to put my weight loss in for last week, I lost half a pound last week and tonight I lost another 4 and a half pounds, so that has me at a weight loss of 6 stones and 2lbs in 8 months, the time has really flown in I can't believe it is 8 months since I started the weight watchers diet.
Hi oneday, I joined ww tonight (last night, it's 1.30am now:eek: tut tut) and after reading this thread you have given me such inspiration. I hope to inspire people one day the way you do now, well done on your weight loss, you've done brilliantly :D

I found it especially uplifting when you said that you can't beleive it's been 8 months since you started ww...which makes me think back to 8 months ago, my little girl was soon to start school and that seems like yesterday, so although most of us know that we are in this for the long haul, and maybe won't get to target for maybe a year, this just shows you that time passes so fast, we will be in our size 12's in no time :D
Thank You for your help x x x x
hi got weighed last Thursday night and lost another 6 and a half pounds, the last two weeks have been great weight losses, but I know that wont happen every week.

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