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7 stone to lose, here we go!!

Discussion in 'Slim and Save - Diaries' started by skinny2bme, 2 June 2014 Social URL.

  1. skinny2bme

    skinny2bme Full Member

    Hi everyone
    I have 7 stone to lose, I have just been given the go ahead from the doctors to do this diet...reluctantly!
    I really need some support and friends doing a vlcd as all my friends and family call it stupid etc etc so I just keep it to myself! I am not going to be a social butterfly so here I am. I am starting tomorrow so wish me luck!

    I am a previous slimming worlder and although I enjoyed it 1/2lb and then nothing per week wasnt much.

    I am 35, I am a student single mum of 3.

    Please subscribe to me and I will do the same! xx
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  3. skinny2bme

    skinny2bme Full Member

    the morning didn't start too well,gagging at the lumps in my vanilla shake :-(
  4. Slim-Kat

    Slim-Kat Full Member

    Oh no, I hate the lumps. Have you got a smoothie maker? If not I suggest an extra, extra long shake :)
  5. Clinquant

    Clinquant Gold Member

    Welcome and good luck with it. I always make the shakes with about 400mls of water and I have and old lighter life shaker with a sort of grid in that seems to get rid of the lumps although i know some people swear by the SnS shaker.
  6. Skinny girl

    Skinny girl Full Member

    Good luck. I use a stick blender to mix my shakes and a load of ice and then I find they are much better.
  7. skinny2bme

    skinny2bme Full Member

    I have a blender to use at home but today I was at work and took the shaker..I threw half the shake away. what are your fave shakes? I only ordered 1 week to try everything. Apart from the lumps the vanilla tasted nice!

    Can you tell me your success?
  8. skinny2bme

    skinny2bme Full Member

    its going ok, but cheated once and dont think Im in ketosis!
  9. Clinquant

    Clinquant Gold Member

    Stick with it this is the hard bit. But well worth it.

    Realised I didn't reply about success either. I've lost 100lbs in total and around another stone to go. :)
  10. skinny2bme

    skinny2bme Full Member

    was that on s n s?? can you tell me how long it took?
  11. Clinquant

    Clinquant Gold Member

    Started 1 September with mainly Lighter Life then moved over to SnS. Had a 10 day break at Christmas then added veg from Jan when I went back on. Hit 100 lbs in mid April but had a break for a few weeks in April May for a big birthday then a couple of weeks 100% to take me to now. I'm nearly done!!
  12. skinny2bme

    skinny2bme Full Member

    my friend lost 12 stone on LL, she swears by it. Can I ask which you prefer?

    Can you keep on at me? these few days are hard lol
  13. skinny2bme

    skinny2bme Full Member

    I am going to start officially again tomor, I ate a bun today made by my little girl at school.Im not too worried, but I have to do this 100%...I am struggling but after standing in front of my full length mirror and have a jiggle Im more determined haha xx
  14. Clinquant

    Clinquant Gold Member

    How are you doing? I'm here to nag as requested.

    To be honest I loved doing Lighter Life the first time and the counselling was good for me. Some of the packs particularly shakes were nicer but SnS is much cheaper and the variety is so much better. SnS bars and meal packs are better too. I think the group on LL was good too and even though our LL counsellor died earlier this year, we all still meet up, but we don't have access to packs anymore. I've been experimenting with Exante packs too and really like them but they are more cals as designed to be only 3 per day.
  15. skinny2bme

    skinny2bme Full Member

    Thanks for replying, I'm doing OK i just struggle when i have to cook for my children and i am having a pack it is hard especially as i love food so much but then i look at my body and realise i need to do something and i am really determined so yes thank you for helping me by messaging back it is very quiet on minimins these days isn't it?? Xx

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  16. Auburn

    Auburn x x x

    I'm going to sign up to nag too, lol, I also need a spot of nagging!!
    I certainly prefer shakes made in the blender. Whats the SnS shaker like, I use a different one that has a metal twisty ball in it, and it is quite good for making smooth shakes. When im home though, its heaps of ice and the blender all the way!

    Are you all ready for a smashing week ahead?
  17. skinny2bme

    skinny2bme Full Member

    Hi there, thank you so much, good nag is what I need!!

    Im not feeling too motivated at the moment. I am on work placement right now and I am working as a community nurse..we do not go back to the office all day and the others eat sandwiches in the car, the only thing I can take is a bar and its not cutting it! so I am eating a chicken salad, or tuna or ham, every lunch time for the next 10 weeks. On a fridays they do a carvery at the local pub (they pay too!) Im tempted.... its so hard!
  18. Auburn

    Auburn x x x

    Hmm... carvery is a bit of a challenge.. can you have some meat and veg, hold the tatties. ?
    The salad is a great idea..
    I've seen bottles, which have a kinda insert bittie... you freeze the bittie and it'll be well chilled. You could take chilled water and a sachet to make your shake if you get fed up of salads..
  19. skinny2bme

    skinny2bme Full Member

    Im not sure on the roasties to be honest but I will def fail with the gravy! Im hoping the extra exercise I get will balance things out. Its so much easier to do this alone at home..no judgements, no opinions, no temptation. But hey I suppose like is not like that! Do you work and if so do you manage ok? x
  20. skinny2bme

    skinny2bme Full Member

    when do you weigh? I am weighing tomor x
  21. Auburn

    Auburn x x x

    Lol see how i deliberately didn't mention the gravy, I could drink the stuff ;) haha!

    Yeah I work in an office for an engineering company and my usual day I am there from 7:30 to 4:30. I'm on leave this week though, first week off this year! The worst thing for me is that my desk is literally next to the door to the canteen, and they do cooked breakfasts til 10:30 every morning... It's hell... I can usually make it to Thursday without caving and wanting bacon.! I'll be honest though, my heart hasn't really been in the dieting thing til this last week, and I kinda consider the 1st June as a restart.. Weighing in on Mondays, and I lost 4lbs this week, with 2 days off the plan, so I am well happy with that. After nearly a year of sts and up and down a lb or two, this is a good start for me :D

    Do you have any exercise planned in? :)

    Hope you have a fab day today!

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