7 stone to lose.. uni and baby weight..fed up of feeling horrible about myself

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  1. sophie1989

    sophie1989 New Member

    I have decided enough is enough ever since I finished school and went away to college then onto university I put on weight. My weight went from a healthy and active size 10, 9 and a half stone 16 year old who could never imagine being overweight to a 16 stone 8 lb 25 year old. I have managed to maintain my weight for almost 3 years but just feel so let down with myself that I haven't lost weight,

    I had a lovely little boy, Patrick on 26th June who is now almost 6 weeks old. During my pregnancy I put on 2 stone however lost this in the couple of weeks after he was born, mainly due to being too busy to eat haha.

    Since having my son I am more determined than ever to lose the excess weight. I feel as if my weight has been holding me back the past few years confidence wise and I do not want my weight to impact my sons life. Already I find myself avoiding photographs as I feel like I would look horrible in them. I am worrying about having his christening which should be happening in September as in the photos I will look huge. I would love to be able to take him swimming when he is a bit older without feeling really self conscious

    I am still healing from the birth and find it hard to do too much walking at the moment but I am hoping to be able to walk further over the next weeks to help with the weight loss. I am sure this will be good for little man as well.

    My plan is to stick to 1500 calories a day and walk a mile or two a day with the pram at first, I will then gradually increase my exercise. I have worked out a 2lb a week weight loss will mean I could be at 9 and a half stone by my 26th birthday next July. My first goal is to get to 16 stone by 5th September for a wedding. My next goal will be 14 stone by 13th November as this will be mine and my partners 5 year anniversary and the weight I was when we met.

    Any advice from others would be greatly appreciated, this time I want to stick to it 100 percent :D
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  3. sophie1989

    sophie1989 New Member

    just working out my food diary for the day, i have my mum and sister coming over tonight for dinner and promised them curry so hoping i can have it if i watch my calories during the day....

    curry sauce: 105
    chicken; 153
    pepper; 22
    onion; 6
    sweet potato; 114

    total = 701

    I will update later tonight with my total for the day but curry looks possible yayyy

    I've realised that my eating is just a habit, even today in the kitchen while i was counting the calories for my dinner i found myself automatically go to eat a biscuit, without even thinking. God knows what my usual calorie intake is everyday if I am eating without realising.

    I've was going to go for a walk today but have so much to do around the house first as we moved last week. Unpacking with a 5 week old baby is a nightmare, everytime he sleeps i am trying to get a bit more done. My tasks for today are to hang the rest of the curtain rails and sort through which clothes fit and put all the ones i dont want on ebay. Hopefully I will have a chance to go for a walk later if not a big walk tomorrow.

    Hope everyone else has a great day.
  4. Emmaline

    Emmaline Hippety Hop!

    Hi Sophie, Firstly..welcome to the forum and second.. Congrats on the lovely baby!
    Well done you for wanting to get rid of that extra weight but may I add please do be careful not to overdue things as it's still quite early days for you and baby.
    However, I'm sure you've looked into all that side of things and I do wish you well on your journey to slimdom.
    I'll pop in to see how things are progressing for you.. take care.

    Onwards and Downwards!.. :girlpower:
  5. xsarahx

    xsarahx Gold Member

    Hi Sophie,

    I'm a similar age and weight and want to lose a similar amount to here to subscribe!

  6. Mrs.S.

    Mrs.S. Gold Member

    Here to subscribe xx
  7. sophie1989

    sophie1989 New Member

    Thank you everyone, well done on your diets so far!

    I will be careful not to overdo things, little man is 6 weeks tomorrow and I am not breast feeding so doctor has said it is fine as long as i only do light exercise for the moment. I'm so unfit I don't think i could manage anything other than light exercise though haha!

    Of the little jobs i set myself the only thing i managed to do was sort out my clothes, so have a mountain to do today. We moved house last week and there still seems to be boxes everywhere upstairs but little man is awake most of the day so it is so hard to get anything done.

    Yesterdays diet went ok but i had a small bit of apple strudel and custard in the evening. Before i ate it i was convincing myself it would be fine just to have a small treat but afterwards i felt so disgusted with myself for not sticking to my first day. When i had a bath last night i was looking in the mirror thinking how much happier losing weight would make me compared to eating the wrong things.

    For breakfast had two cheese strings and a banana, random i know, but i don't go shopping until Monday so i have lots of naughty things to try and use up first haha.

    This leaves me 1200 for the day, will try and update later with how i get on.

    Hope everyone else is having a great day!
  8. BinkyBonk

    BinkyBonk Gold Member

    Here to subscribe x

    Congratulations on the birth of your baby and well done you being so determined so quickly after x

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