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  1. Fairy577

    Fairy577 Well-Known Member

    I'm being brave and attaching some pics. In the 1st pic I was 18st 11lbs dress size 22. In the 2nd one that was 6 weeks in after losing 30lbs. The last pic was taken tonight at a size 16 and I get weighed next week.
    I know I still have a long way to go but I'm so so happy with my progress so far. You guys on here are amazing. Xxxx

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  3. SocialButterfly80

    SocialButterfly80 Well-Known Member

    Wow - how amazing!! You must be so proud of yourself! Well done!
  4. Fairy577

    Fairy577 Well-Known Member

    Thanks so much hunny I really appreciate that. Cx
  5. SocialButterfly80

    SocialButterfly80 Well-Known Member

    How much have you lost in 7 weeks? You look so much healthier and happier! Great willpower! You can't be far off now? X
  6. Fairy577

    Fairy577 Well-Known Member

    Last week I had lost 30lbs. I still want to lose at least another 30. I get weighed fortnightly. X
  7. Zest for Life

    Zest for Life Well-Known Member

    Well done :) you look smaller than a 16 in last pic x
  8. Fairy577

    Fairy577 Well-Known Member

    Thanks zest. But I'm defo a 16. Just wish I could get to a 12!! That's the dream. Think I would look ill if I got smaller than a 12. X
  9. babymumma2

    babymumma2 Well-Known Member

  10. Nikie

    Nikie Well-Known Member

    These are great inspiration Fairy -thank you so much for sharing. I'm nearly feeling brave enough to stick mine up now......
  11. Fairy577

    Fairy577 Well-Known Member

    Do it!!! It makes you feel amazing and powerful. Can't wait to see them. Xx
  12. littlemumma

    littlemumma Well-Known Member

    Well done!!!!! Size 12 is closer than u think, i started at a 18 and now a 12, nearly 4 st lighter!!
    U look great in the last pic, and smaller than a 16 x
  13. Fairy577

    Fairy577 Well-Known Member

    How long has it taken to lose 4 stone hunny? That's amazing! Xxx
  14. twobirdsandabiscuit

    twobirdsandabiscuit Well-Known Member

    Fan-flippin-tastic!! You look great! xxx
  15. littlemumma

    littlemumma Well-Known Member

    Quite long really as i cudnt carry on with cd!! I lost just under 3st in 4months (kept messing up though!!!) and i did the last one on my own! If u can stick with cd youll b there in no time atall :) xx
  16. Fairy577

    Fairy577 Well-Known Member

    I'm away to go onto ss+ as I'm needing food now. I'm siting here so so hungry today. X
  17. Gill h

    Gill h Well-Known Member


    Such an inspiration!!!!
  18. Fairy577

    Fairy577 Well-Known Member

    Wow thank you. You guys are so supportive and very kind. X
  19. staceyc

    staceyc Active Member

    Thanks for sharing, you look fantastic. Pics like this remind us why we are doing this x :)
  20. hurfbird

    hurfbird Well-Known Member

    You look amazing!!! Well done x
  21. tomnkatesmum

    tomnkatesmum Well-Known Member

    Fairy, you look amazing! What a huge and fabulous difference! You have done so well and are looking sensational! Well done babe xx

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