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7 Weeks Til Barcelona - Crossfit Chick's Diary 14lbs To Go!!

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Weight Loss Diary' started by Emma_lou, 22 April 2014 Social URL.

  1. Emma_lou

    Emma_lou Member

    Hey Everyone,

    Decided to put my food/weight loss diary on here as I am a huge fan of reading everyone else's.

    A little bit about me: I'm 26 years old and have been doing slimming world on and off since I was about 22. I restarted back in January and currently weigh 11 St 9.5Lbs. I would absolutely love to lose a stone before I go on holiday to Barcelona in June with my ridiculously skinny friend who can eat whatever she likes:(. The weekend after that I have a big wedding to attend in Scotland and the following weekend I will be running Mudrunner so very very busy month!! I also started crossfit back in January and go two times a week - absolutely love it but sometimes find it hard to find the motivation to get up for the 6 am classes!!

    Anyway enough going on..... here is my plan for tomorrow. I have a crossfit class before I go to work so usually have a small snack before hand and then a bigger breakfast afterwards.


    Breakfast -

    Banana before crossifit and then two egg cups (Two pieces of ham with egg and veggies baked inside it like an egg muffin) followed by a huge slice of melon and a gingerbread green tea.

    Lunch -

    4 ryvita (HeXB) with rocket salad, feta (HeXA) and salted tomatoes

    Dinner -

    Sirloin steak with side salad and paprika BNS wedges done in the actifryer (HeXB on Olive Oil). Will have some low low black pepper spread on the side as I find it really yummy as a sauce for dunking my steak and wedges in it :)

    Will update what syns I use as I am not saintly enough to go a day without any ( I have the appetite of a man!!)
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  3. Emma_lou

    Emma_lou Member

    Stuck to my plan from last night - just polished off my lovely steak mmmm :). Had a few syns today aswell. Used up my other HEXA on milk in my teas and coffees.


    2 cadbury rose chocolates - 6 syns
    quarter of a tub of low low cheese spread - 3 syns
  4. Emma_lou

    Emma_lou Member

    Crossfit again this morning - feel so sore but I only do two sessions a week so thats the second one done :) Here is my food so far - bit boring really:

    Breakfast: Banana and two scrabled egg cups made with ham and tomatoes with gingerbread green tea

    Lunch: 4 ryvita with rocket salad tomatoe and mozzerella (HEXA)

    Few cuups of tea and coffee to get me through the morning. Not sure what I will be having for tea yet -usually more organised but things have been manic at work.

    just cooking my tea now - maggis paprika chicken (2.5 syns as split between two of us) with bns wedges done in actifryer again cant get enough of them :p.

    healthy extras

    2 x B ryvita and olive oil for wedges

    syns - 12 (maggi's chicken, 2 minature heroes and a lindt choolate ball).

    going to go for extra easy day tomorrow as want to cook mushy pea egg curry for tea :p
    Last edited: 24 April 2014
  5. Emma_lou

    Emma_lou Member

    Morning everyone :) Almost the weekend!!! Here is my plan for today (subject to change ;-).

    Extra Easy

    Breakfast - two scrambled eggs and cup of salted caramel green tea

    Lunch - low low chicken pasta ready meal 2.5 syns

    Dinner - SW Curry - going to make two different curries mushy pea egg curry and chicken korma aswell along with some rice. My first attempt at a SW curry - I will keep you updated :)
  6. Emma_lou

    Emma_lou Member

    So we had a charity bake sale at work today so caved in and bought myself a chocolate orange cup cake - im going to say 250 calories and allow 12.5 syns for it which means I am up to my maximum today!! I may end up going over slightly but will just go a bit lower with syns over the weekend :). The low low ready meal was surprisingly nice but not something I would have often - not huge fan of too much processed stuff!! Will pop into asda on my way home and pick up some essentials for my attempt at the curry later -if it turns out ok I will post a piccy - going to try and squeeze lots of superfree in with it.

    Anyone got any ideas of good rices that are free - uncle bens or anything?
  7. Emma_lou

    Emma_lou Member

    Right so good and bad points to end today. Lets start with the bad:

    - went way over my syn limit today but wrote everything down so felt in control and the syn damage wasnt as bad as i thought

    good points

    - absolutely adored the korma recipe i found on here, just like the real thing yum yum!!
    - realised that extra easy days arent ideal for me, felt quite deprived without my two other HEXA's and I think thats what caused the binge so at least i know what triggered it
    - instead of thinking sod it i wrote everything down and it really helped reign things in :). Now to make the syns public :-/

    Syns today

    low low pasta meal - 2.5
    cup cake 12.5
    4 minstrels 4
    4 bourbon biscuits 14
    one babybel 3

    total - 36 syns

    total used this week so far 57/105

    i weigh in on wednesday evening so that leaves me 48 syns until then so not too bad at all actually. I have really struggled with binges in the past but found writing it down a really good method of taking back control. Will go back to good old fashioned red days tomorrow.
  8. Emma_lou

    Emma_lou Member

    Morning everyone - off to get my hair done shortly whooop!!! :) Here is my plan for today:

    Red Day

    Breakfast - half a cantaloupe melon filled with grapes and banana smothered in muller light coconut greek yoghurt (1 syn) - cup of salted caramel green tea

    Lunch - 4 ryvita topped with rocket salad, salted tomatoes and feta(HEXA)

    Babybel(HEXa) and Chorizo (2 SYNS) Burger in wholemeal pitta bread (hexb) with salad and extra light mayo served with paprika BNS chips.

  9. Emma_lou

    Emma_lou Member

    Food was lovely today - definately think i do better on red days - havent felt deprived at all today. Sat in my onsie about to have a lovely hot chocolate.

    syns today - 8

    total used this week- 65/105
  10. Emma_lou

    Emma_lou Member

    Morning everyone - was up bright and early today after a quiet night in. Having another red day - popped into town earlier to buy a pandora charm as a thank you present for my friend. Went to a patisserie for a coffee - my other half had a lovely cheesecake but i just had a skinny latte "polishes halo". Here are my eats so far:

    red day

    breakfast - pitta bread with two boiled eggs some cress and 1tbsp of extra light mayo (1/2 syn)

    lunch - 4 ryvita with salad feta and salted tomatoes (hexa)

    skinny latte - 2 syns and hea of milk

    had a square of luxury dark chocolate that my dad had im allowing 5 syns for it so thats a total of 7 used today so far. Asda shop is coming between 7 and 8 tonight so will decide what is for tea when it arrives :)

    Was at mum andd ads for a roast this afternoon - i just had some pork and broccoli mmmmmm.

    Last edited: 27 April 2014
  11. Emma_lou

    Emma_lou Member

    Another red day today but have already used up 15 syns on quality streets :-/ nevermind, still within my weekly allowance and will make sure I have plenty of superfree for tea:

    Red Day

    Breakfast - two egg cups with cup of gingerbread green tea

    Lunch - 4 ryvita with salad tomatoes and feta

    Tea: steak, salad - grilled tomato and BNS wedges

    HEXA: FETA and Milk for teas and coffees
    HEXB: Ryvita and oil for wedges

    Syns: 15

    Had the ranch salad pack from asda this week, I dont use the dressing or the croutons but i love the salad!! Going to use it for my lunch tomorrow.

    Syns so far this week: 79/105
    Last edited: 28 April 2014
  12. Emma_lou

    Emma_lou Member

    Have crossfit class tomorrow morning so always have to be organised the night before. Here are my planned eats for tomorrow:


    banana before Xfit. Then i will have to baked egg cups afterwards (baked them this evening to heat up tomorrow at work) before I start work, lots of water and a cup of green tea.

    Asda ranch salad minus the dressing with HEXA of grated cheese and 1tbsp extra light mayo (1/2 syn) with chopped tomatoes and spring onion.
    Also had a very very tiny slice of coffee and walnut cake so will allow ten syns for it. Used up my other HEXA on milk for tea and coffees so will have to rethink what to have for tea. Will update when I get home from work. :)

    Okay lesson learnt - never come home really hungry as it meant I demolished two quorn sausages as soon as I got in. O well at least it was free food what I think didnt help was not knowing what I would be having for tea. Settled on syn free chicken korma in the end with lots of super free hidden in it. Used my HEXB up on oil to cook with.

    HEA: Milk and Grated Cheese
    HEB: Oil

    Syns: 15
    Last edited: 29 April 2014
  13. Emma_lou

    Emma_lou Member

    Weigh in day today eeeek! My scales at home arent working luckily as I usually weigh myself daily which can sometimes send me off track if it looks like a gain. No idea how it will go tonight - I feel lighter if that makes sense but we shall see. Had a bad week before starting this diary so maybe that will catch up with me who knows :). Plan for today:

    Red Day

    Breakfast - 2 egg cups and cup of green tea

    Lunch: 4 ryvita (HEXB) with salad and feta cheese (HEXA)

    Have had few cups of tea at work so that will be my other HEXA used up.

    TEA: chicken breast with low low cheese spread wrapped in bacon with salad and BNS wedges (6 syns) and 1HEXB on oil

    Last edited: 30 April 2014
  14. Emma_lou

    Emma_lou Member

    Lost half a pound this week - not great but still moving in the right direction. I have three crossfit sessions between now and next weigh in so hopefully that will help see a bigger loss next week (would love 3lbs). Im going to have all red days this week but try and mix things up a bit and get superfree in where I can :). I have a wedding evening do on saturday so will put aside 30 syns for that but will stick to vodka and diet lemonade. Here is my plan for tomorrow:


    Breakfast - fruit and yoghurt before crossfit and then two egg cups with green tea.

    Lunch - Mackerel fillets with mixed veg and BNS wedges

    Dinner - Babybel burgers HEXA in wholemeal pitta with bacon, sprinkled with stilton (28G 5.5 syns) and lots of salad.
  15. Emma_lou

    Emma_lou Member

    Sat here munching on my mackerel lunch - been spot on with what I planned to eat so far today. Had an amazing crossfit session this morning has put me in a great mood for the rest of the day :). ~Decided that I will experiment with burger later on and put stilton in with the mince mixture rather than sprinkling it on top - will let you know how it is. I love stilton - so indulgent and surprisingly not as many syns as I thought.
  16. Biker Chick

    Biker Chick Full Member

    Hi, here to subscribe x

    We have the same current weight and almost the same goal (I set 10 stone but actually want to go just under so I can say I weigh 9 stone something :D)

    I have been doing SW from home for about 6 weeks now and lost 7lbs. Slow but it's going down. I too love red days, they fit in with my appetite preferences and the extra healthy extras don't hurt either!

    Jealous of crossfit, I really really want to do it but there are no classes near me yet (south east) It seems a more American thing?

    Good luck on your journey

    Vicki x x
  17. Emma_lou

    Emma_lou Member

    Thanks for the reply - good to know someone is reading my ramblings :). I will have a sneaky peak at your diary tonight too! Yeah i do much better on red days - cant seem to cope without my four healthy extras! Where abouts are you? There are crossfit box's popping up all over the country so you never know! i absolutely love it (must do if i usually go to 6am sessions) and the atmosphere there is brilliant!
  18. Emma_lou

    Emma_lou Member

    Well the stilton baby bel burger was awesome!!! It felt like really naughty junk food which was well timed after a very long hard day at work. Had some extra light mayo with it as well for 0.5 syn well worth it :-D.

    Total syns today:

    3 x quality street 7.5
    stilton 5.5
    extrs light mayo 0.5

  19. Emma_lou

    Emma_lou Member

    So having a Extra Easy day today - purely because I was limited on what was left in my cupboards - just really hoping it doesnt send me on a binge again!!!


    Breakfast -
    Pineapple and coconut muller yoghurt before crossfit then an egg cup afterwards with a cup of tea (HEXA milk)

    Snack: 20G Stilton on top of a cream cracker (4.5 syns)
    1 thorntons continental chocolate (4 syns) - Totally Worth IT!!!
    cadbury mini egg (2.5)

    Lunch - Mackerel, sweet potato wedges and broccoli

    Dinner - Gammon, egg, sweet potato and veggies

    Syns so far: 11
    Last edited: 2 May 2014
  20. Biker Chick

    Biker Chick Full Member

    Stilton burgers sound yum, wondering if you could tweak the Stilton as a hea?

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  21. Emma_lou

    Emma_lou Member

    I know you can have blue cheese as a hexB on green days - a good alternative might be the new laughing cow blue cheese triangles - they are classed as an hexa on all plans might give them a go :). Had a really 'flat' day today - where just feel low and tired for no reason in particular. Was so tempted to eat some junk food when i got home to make me 'feel better' but talked myself out of it as I knew it would ultimately make me feel worse! Had a lovely gammon steak with sweet potato wedges and veggies for tea instead. I have the wedding do tomorrow evening so going to allow some extra syns for ascohol in evening but will be sticking to vodka and diet coke - here is my plan for what im going to eat tomorrow for brekkie a very self indulgent slimming world day :p will update as i go through the day

    red day

    breakfast - toasted pitta bread with bacon, tomato and some brie (will weigh out an amount and syn it)

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