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7000 word essay to write, eeeks! :o(


I will be a Princess!
Right then you lovely lot, I have 7000 words to write for this essay :eek: (ideally within the next 8-10 days to get it out of the way), so I'm asking you to give me a big kick up the bum if you see me procrastinating on here!

Anyone who sees me excessively posting has my permission to give me a slap! :D

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I am having deja vu lol !!!! You must be too....now get off here and get on with it !!!!:D

hugs xxxx
7000 words in 8 - 10 days. Right - set yourself a word target per day - you won't stop typing til you've done 1000 words a day (apart from a lunch break obviously). Then you have 1 - 3 days to edit and sort referencing at the end! I did that with my last essay (10000 words) and it was such a relief not to be panicking on hand in day still trying to write the thing.

Good luck!
I see you lurking..........goooooooooooo:D
Hmmm...do you show up as online even if you're not on the website? I've been making and eating my lunch for the last hour so wasn't intentionally lurking! :confused: Word count is up to just over 300, wooo! xx
I supose if you have left your puter on and on the minimins forum it would othewise can the cat operate the computer !!

Congratulations on the first 300. Only 6700 to go ......................
Hi Dudette,
Its been a while since I had to write except for pleasure - but the technique which worked for me (sure its got a management speak name - but don't know what it is!)

The idea is that you write down a small number of main points that you want to make in your paper: let’s say 5 points, but it could be any reasonably small number.

Then you take each of those 5 points, and write down the 5 points expanding on the top level point. Finally, you take each of the second level points, and write down 5 sub-points for those. It’s not rocket science, by any means, but it worked really well for me, for two reasons:

  1. It forces you to focus on what you actually want to say at the overview level, before you get bogged down in all the interesting detail.
  2. It’s a very unintimidating way to start writing. You only have to write 5 things to start with, or 5 sentences or so. And that’s really easy. Then you focus on writing 5 sub-points for the first, and so on. At any one time, you’re just thinking about writing 5 things, so your brain doesn’t get time to think, “Help! I only have a week to write a really long paper, and I have no idea what I’m going to write. Aaaargghhh!”
I don’t know if it would work for all kinds of writing, but it’s certainly worth trying if you have something relatively unstructured to write and you don’t quite know how to start it.

Good luck!


I will be a Princess!
Thankyou hun, that's a big help! I got to 300 words then abandoned it as I wanted to get all of my data sorted and printed so that I know exactly what I'm going to write about.

I really shouldn't have procrastinated for the past 3 weeks :eek: xxx

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