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74 days left....Aaargh!


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Hello everyone :)
Im new here but I've only got 74 days until I get married and I'm in serious need of some help and motivation!!
I ordered my dress in July and decided to order it a size too small to force me into losing some weight but so far haven't been able to get myself into the right mindset. My dress has now arrived but I am terrified of going to try it on coz I know it's not gonna fit me :cry:
I started sole sourcing on Cambridge almost a month ago and was doing great (lost 10lbs in first 2wks) but then had to go on a night out which was pre-arranged for H2b's 30th, spoke to my CDC who advised me not to drink alcohol/eat meal in restaurant when S/S ing and to add a meal for a couple of days previous and the day after. Unfortunately since then my stomach hasn't been able to get enough of everything I see!! I've put 7lbs back on :sigh: and have really been struggling to get back on track so thought posting on here would give me some support. (wanna lose 2 stone minimum)
I've stuck to it all day today and feel much more positive - just wish the next few days were over with!!
Anyway - Thanks for listening to my ramble!!
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Lovin it !!! :)
Hi Nicola
Well done on completing your first day - just think thats one more day of success and one more day of being lighter.Just put the night out behind you - draw a line under it and move on - you have loads of time till july - CD and LL average a stone per month so you will be able to lose 2 stone easily. Just think how proud of yourself you will feel on your wedding day - firstly getting married- secondly feeling great as you have lost weight and that is a fantastic achievement - but also knowing that you had to have your dress taken in - this will definitely happen - I found that every stone was just about a size smaller - go girl - you can do this - we are all behind you:D


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Thanks for your reply Bev
It's nice to have some support as my darling H2b says "he loves me the way I am" and "I'm beautiful" (which is lovely & I should be grateful, but it doesn't help with the old willpower when he's eating something yummy!!)
I'm panicking a bit though as I'm getting married 20th April which gives me much less time to fight the flab!!

So here I am on day 2 of S/S ing and - I love the way you put it... 2 days nearer to being slim!!


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Hi everyone!
Hope you are all doing great?
Well here I am on day 5 of S/S (only another 70 days till I get married)
Feeling pretty good for almost completing my 1st week :)
I've actually plucked up the courage to go for my first dress fitting tomorrow... still really panicking, but figured that once I try it on the facts will be staring me in the face & it's really gonna hit home how serious I need to be in losing this weight. NO MORE EXCUSES!!!
(wish me luck!!) x


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Hi Nicola!

Good luck with the wedding weight!
You WILL do it now but only if you put your mid to it seriousley as you are running out of time!
I get wed on the 28th July and have approx 2.12 stones to lose :(
Ive lost about 2st so far since Jan so it IS acheivable.


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Thanks for your support Beverley & Pixie :)
I'm definitely in the right frame of mind to succeed... I've stuck to this 100% for 6 days already and after my 1st dress fitting this afternoon I'm more determined than ever!
My dress is even more beautiful than I remembered it (hadn't seen it since I ordered it - beginning of July) so I can't wait to be able to zip the back up properly so I can twirl around and see it from behind.
I'm planning to wait a month before trying it on again & I fully intend to be able to do it up by then.
This has really given me something to aim for and I KNOW it will be sooooo worth it & I can just imagine how proud of myself I'm gonna be!!

Weighed in this morning and have lost 11lbs since first starting CD in january.
Start weight was 15 stone 4lbs (lost half a stone to begin with then fell off the wagon for 2 wks) :sigh: went back up to 14 stone 13lbs then started again... I am now 14 stone 7lbs!!
Also measured myself and am extremely pleased to report -
1 inch lost from my bust
1 1/2 inches lost from my waist
1 inch lost from my hips
1 inch lost from the top of each arm &
1 1/2 inches lost from each of my thighs!!

Yippeee!!! I'm so glad I recorded my measurements at the beginning!! (not an enjoyable experience :cry:at the time!) but it's sometimes hard to notice any difference in yourself... I feel fantastic now I can already start seeing the results written down :D

Wishing you all loads of luck and perhaps more importantly loads of willpower!!

Nic x


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hi everyone :) - guess what??

There's only 68 more sleeps till I get to marry my lovely H2b!!

(I know I shouldn't have, but) I jumped on the scales again this morning and couldn't be happier cos I'm down to 14 stone 5lbs!! just 1lb more till my 1st stone - CD REALLY DOES WORK!!!
......the only thing is... why on earth didn't I join Cambridge years ago????!!!
I spent my 20's being fat & unhappy, now i'm 30 & I really feel as though I've found something that works.
I honestly can't sing its praises enough if my results so far are anything to go by.
I've dieted before but i've never felt so positive that i'm actually gonna achieve my goal.
I'm so looking forward to seeing H2b's face when I walk down the aisle that nothing is gonna stand in my way!!!

Look out world... here comes the new and improved me!

Best wishes to you all xxx


you will do it ...........xx


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Well it's day 8 for me already and still no sign of falling off the wagon!! :D
I can't believe the change in myself... not physically but emotionally, OK my clothes are starting to feel a little looser but not enough for anyone to start noticing yet.
I just feel so much more energetic and my attitude is really positive, I'm really benefiting from this diet and can't imagine wanting to go back to my old ways of eating just for the sake of it.
I'm so much happier within myself now that (for the 1st time in my life) I feel like I can get my weight under control.

This forum is an absolute godsend!!
Good luck to everyone else out there & I hope you are all finding it as helpful as I am x


Busy busy busy!!
Keep going Nicola and you are going to be one gorgeous slim bride!

Keep coming on here and posting - it really helps!

And looking forward to your next weigh in.


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Thanks for your words of encouragement Beverley :) it really helps to have some support from you guys!
I'm trying to resist the temptation of getting on the scales and plan to weigh in every friday so I'll let you know how I get on.



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Day 10 and i'm now managing to consume roughly 4 litres of water per day, (lots & lots of trips to the loo... but hey ho - it's all good excercise eh?!) at first I struggled to drink 2 litres so if anyone out there is finding it difficult - stick with it & it will honestly become easier :)
I must admit, I've noticed a real improvement in my skin already (not that I had bad skin to start with if you know what I mean?) but I've always gotten a couple of spots around the time of my periods and this time there isn't a pimple in sight!! Bonus!!

I'm off to have some yummy butterscotch mouse for lunch now mmmmm!

Nic x


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Hi Nicola,

Your really in the zone by the sound of how your getting on. It is a very golden place to be and it does make this diet so much easier to do.

SSing does do wonders for the skin and I am sure all that water is the key.

You have wonderful motivation and goal to keep you going.

Be sure to let us know how you get on next weigh in!

Your right to be doing body measurements as these can come down on weeks when they weight loss might be slower.

Have a nice Valentine's Day:)

Love Mini xxx


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Hi Beverley! thanks for your support it means a lot :)
and Mini - as a newbie, I feel honoured to get a response from you!!! Lol!!

I'll be weighing in every friday (so only one more day to keep you all in suspense ha ha!)

Seriously guys, it's great that you're taking the time to give me some encouragement & it's really helping me to stay focused so thanks again

To anyone else who might be reading this thread - I'm normally rubbish at diets but this one's got me really enthusiastic, so if you're thinking about joining in? go right ahead and maybe we can support each other :D

Nic x


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Hi everyone! :)

Day 11 and pleased to report i'm as enthusiastic as ever about success on my mission to fight the flab!! :D
Can't wait to weigh in tomorrow and see how much I've lost this week, only 64 days left till I'm walking down the aisle towards my dream bloke in my dream dress (yay!!)
but realistically I suppose I'll need to stop dieting 2 weeks before just to be sure my dress isn't too big on the day!!
Thinking about it this way... it's more like 52 dieting days left (wish I had started earlier so I could be slimmer :sigh: ) but not to worry... if I keep losing at this rate i'll be slimmer than I've been for at least the last 7 years & we're not going on honeymoon until the end of May so thats another month to prepare for the dreaded "being semi-naked in public - bikini wearing ordeal" that lies ahead!!! (Gulp!) :eek:
(...now if that's not an incentive to give it 110% - I don't know what is ha ha!!)
Best wishes to you all
Nic x


Water Baby
You keep going girl, its only a few months out of our lives!!! i have been fatter longer than ive been slimer so a few months is nothing. You can do it.