790/1000 question split protein


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I should imagine that would be ok wouldnt it? As long as you dont go over recommended amount of protein per day and stick within the guidelines of what to have i would have thought it would be fine.
Will leave it to a CDC to give you a definite answer though. ;)


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Me too but you never know!!!!!




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HI Vicky
I split my protein when I was doing 790 and made no diffrance to my weight loss.Still do it now on 1,000.
Just love cottage cheese and tuna mixed with raw veg mmm
Also at the weekends I did 2 small meals instead of one bit bigger meal and this helped me.
Hope you enjoy 790 but sure you will.
Love Libbie xx


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Splitting the meal sounds a great idea too!!


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oh!! hello!

erm....yeah....I do it all the time. As long as you half it...the protein is adjusted so that it's about the same calories in each choice....so effectively if you half it...it should be fine.

Does that make any sense?!!! lol.:confused:


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Sure does Nicole!!!! And to have two small meals, is that ok too!

OOOO Im so excited! My chicken was fab last night, cottage cheese tonight mmmmm


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MY CDC said that as long as you stick to the one protein for the day you can split it btw lunch and dinner. I am on 1000 cals and it is quite alot of protein you are allowed so to add some to the salad at lunch can be a gd option.

good luck :)


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yey, thanks all, 790 sunday here I come!!!