790 Meal question


Have a serene day!!

I have had a nose around the forum, but a quickie question.

Can you mix your protein portions on 790?

I have worked out that the protein portion is around 245kcals.

So if you were to have so much chicken and top it up with Cottage Cheese (v. low fat variety) and then add your Tbls of Salad Leaves, would this not look more inviting?

If you can't then boo hoo!!!!:cry:
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The Diet Guy
Yes you can as long as they are off the prescribed list (Page 8 of the WC book) and you keep to the same calories.

I used to do turkey and chicken together just for variety of taste!



Have a serene day!!
Thanks Icemoose,

I am relieved as I cannot stand Cottage Cheese on its own, I had some chicken breast last night but it only weighed 120gms so I topped up my plate with the cheese and then added my salad leaves, I really enjoyed it and it was moist enough not to add any dressing.

I worked it out after that I had in fact only eaten 196 kcals but then I had tried out a biteful of cup cake that my daughter had made at school so I think that evened it all out.