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Diary of a new mum trying to get back on it ♡


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Not sure if anyone remembers me but I'd been on here a few years ago. Iv followed slimming world on and off the last few years.

However I fell off the wagon in 2015 when i fell pregnant and lost our first baby due to an ectopic pregnancy. I then gained 2 stone following this and fell pregnant again and had my rainbow baby in April 2017 a beautiful little boy Zac. Zac is now 10 and a half weeks old so if decided it's time to get back on it. I gained around 1 and a half stone during my pregnancy. So think I have between 3 and 4 stone to lose. Iv not weighed so going to this weekend.

I used to follow extra easy and green/red days which worked for me and I don't know the new way to do it and not going to class so will do them unless someone wants to teach me the new way lol.

Yesterday I had a good day

Breakfast - 2 eggs 2 tbsp extra light mayo on hex b toast with coffee part hex a

Lunch- 2 egg omelette with chicken tomatoes mushrooms onions and pepper

Dinner - slimming world cottage pie with extra lean mince made with chopped tomatoes onion peppers and mixed frozen veg with asparagus and mixed veg on side carrots brocolli peas sweet corn

I then took a really upset tummy so had nothing else all night except water lol

Syns 1
Weekly 1/70

Today I'm feeling much better

Breakfast- coffee with part hex a milk, 3 x slimming world egg muffins with mushrooms onions and peppers in them, plum tomatoes and beans

Lunch - bachelors arriabata pasta with onion and some of the veg pack from last night carrot peas sweetcown and brocolli

Off to Zacs class now and will have some fruit when I get home

Hope to speak to you all soon :)
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I had a bowl of strawberries with fat free yoghurt when I got home and fed Zac.

Tonight's dinner I made a pasta bake with bacon, quorn mince, celery, onion, courgette, peppers and a bag if mixed frozen veg, pasatta, chilli flakes, ham stock cube, smoked paprika and garlic it was lovely

Tonight I still have hex b to use so will have it with chicken and 5 mikado (2.5 syns)

Total syns 3.5/70

I'm really enjoying being back in it so far!


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Thanks I really enjoyed it

Today I weighed myself and I'm more than I thought 14stone 2lbs however only 7lbs from my pre pregnancy weight. So I'd like to get back to between 10.7 and 11 I'll weight every few weeks as I get demoralised weekly.

Today I met my sister for a coffee and day with my nephew.

Breakfast - same as yesterday
Stopped for a coffee - cappuccino small skinny from costa (3 syns)
Lunch - hex b bread half a tin of tuna (0.5syn) for mayo with a massive salad beetroot and pickled onions
Dinner - fakeaway pizza with mushrooms, onions, pepper, passata, chicken, bacon with syn free chips
S - glass of prosecco 5 syns, curly surly 6 syns and small bag of buttons 4 syns

Syns so far - 18.5
Weekly - 21.5
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Just popping by to subscribe :)


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Just popping by to subscribe :)
Thank you for popping over :) hope you are having a lovely weekend.

Today i have went shopping with my fiance and 11 week old baby can't believe he is 11 weeks today times flying past.

Food wise
B- same as previous 2 days
Lunch - we couldn't decide where to go that's healthy so any tips would be appreciated for what I can eat for lunches but we went to handle I had butterfly chicken, salad and spicy rice (5syns 3 for chicken and 2 for rice) then I had a little of the garlic piri piri sauce so say another 2 syns
Snack -banannas
Dinner - my lovely fiance cooked me dinner tonight he made steak, mashed potatoes, mushrooms, onion and cherry tomatoes then slimming world apple crumble (6.5 syns) he looked It all up and surprised me I'm telling you he is a good one :)
Supper- hex b Brown bread tint bit of cheese spread and then a ripple 8 syns
Syns so far today - 21
Weekly - 42.5/70
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Well today ended up a busy day

Brunch - 3 egg omelette with mushrooms peppers onion cherry tomatoes and some more mushrooms at the side with a coffee part hex a
Snack - apple and a costa coffee small cappucinno 3 syns
Dinner - extra lean mince, baby potatoes, brocolli,carrots, green beans and peas
Snack - kinder joy 5.5 syns
Supper- hex b toast with slimming world egg muffin loaded with onion courgette and mushrooms
Syns so far - 8.5
Weekly - 51
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Today I visited my friend and her little girl who is a month older than my boy. We went a massive walk and thankfully she is also doing slimming world so she sorted us lunch.

Breakfast- same as all week really enjoying the egg muffins and so easy and quick with my 11 week son
Lunch- lentil soup, fat free yoghurt, kiwi fruit
Snack - plum and donought peach fruit
Dinner- slimming world chip shop curry sauce which I didn't really like with chicken, brocolli, onion, courgette, mongetout and baby sweet corn with rice
Snack - animal biscuits 5 syns
Supper - hex b Brown bread with chicken and rest hex a on cheese

Syns - 5
Weekly - 56 syns

Tomorrow I am off to keep an eye on my sister's little boy who is 1 and a half whilst she is at hospital so will be sure to take healthy snacks. Determined to lose this week.

We are away our first family weekend away this weekend visiting my friend in hull so will be a proper test


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Fab that your friend is doing slimming world, I always hate when I visit someone and I feel like I'm being awkward.

Do you have your egg muffins cold? I feel like I need to start mixing my breakfasts up a little as I usually have rice pudding on weekdays... but literally every work day I have had rice pudding for months. Problem is I need something that is really quick and easy as my husband sorts it out for me first thing. I don't know if I believe that changing meals about effects weight loss but it's worth a try

Good luck at the weekend, I'm sure you'll do fine. Just remember if you do have a few treats it doesn't mean you have to give up completely.


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Awww thank you hun how are you getting on?

No I ping them in the microwave 2 minutes with 2 tbsp beans and 2 plum tomatoes lol. I really enjoy it - it's quick and easy for me with my little boy
Today I babysat my gorgeous little nephew.

Breakfast- same as always lol
Lunch - bachelors pasta chicken with onion carrot peas and green beans
S - plum x 2 and fat free yoghurt
Dinner - cottage pie with 5% mince and onion, celery topped with turnip and carrot. Served with side of carrot, peas, green beans and sweet corn
Supper - hex b toast plus 1 extra syn (4syns) rest hex a cheese and chicken
Syns- 4
Weekly - 60/105

I'm going to weigh tomorrow which is a day earlier than I did last week but I'm going away Friday and Zac had his class and got alot to do also I start my week on a Wednesday


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That sounds a fab idea, I might give them a go for a change soon. Might be worth trying them over the summer holidays. No more trouble for my husband in the morning (he gets my breakfast ready and brings it up to me, yes I am very spoilt) but he pings the rice pudding too and then adds berries and yogurt. I'm getting on fine thanks, feeling more relaxed and very focused at the moment.

Good luck at weigh in tomorrow


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I ended up weighing today as I won't be near the shops tomorrow. Only lost 1lb so pretty dissapointed for first week back on it however iv now lost 1stone 8lbs since my son was born and he is only 12 weeks on Saturday so guess the weights slowed down already?also I weighed last Friday so only 5 days too.

I never lost big before on slimming world always pound or half a pound really. A low and steady wins the race I guess.

I'm going to weigh again in about 2 weeks and then go onto monthly as it suits me better as get de moralised just 1 pound and find I'm better all month hoping for a better loss.

Today I took my son to baby massage which was good then met my sister's on there day off and went to the shops.

Food wise

Breakfast I had mushrooms cherry tomatoes fries egg in fry light and hex b toast with hex a cheese and a slice of bacon

Lunch - bachelors chicken and mushroom pasta, plum and tangerine

Dinner is slimming world fish and chips with Peas and carrots, beetroot and pickled onion

Snack- fat free fromage fraid and strawberries

Syns - 0
Weekly- 0/70

Oh I also went a nice walk around the loch with my son and fiance after he finished work
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Well I'll be completely honest if been awful all weekend had a horrific day on Thursday in which I ended up being really upset and comfort ate silly me had an incident in the car and had to call the police who are coming out tonight.

So this bad eating continued over my weekend away I had a domino pizza, chippy and shop bought sandwiches but I'm not too bothered it was my son's first weekend away and we had a fab time :)

I'm home today and back on it

Green day

Breakfast - 3 egg omelette with mushrooms onion cherry tomatoes and hex b cheese and coffee

Lunch - bachelors rice loaded with vegetables

Snack - donought peach and tangerines

Dinner - quorn spaghetti loaded with vegetables and a bit of cheese grated on top

Supper - hex b toast with Philadelphia

Syns - 0
Weekly - 0

Hope you all had lovely weekend