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Diary of a new mum trying to get back on it ♡


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I love fried rice so don't mind the syns I'll need to check they syns are correct does anyone know?

Today has been a busy day....


So excited taking my sister's and parents to see the venue this week.

Iv been pretty good today was hard as so many freebies at the wedding fayre we were at and my fiance treated me to lunch out.

Breakfast - bacon and egg on Brown roll
Lunch- roast beef, mixed vegetables and baby potatoes ( a tiny bit of gravy say 5 syns??)
I had a glass of prosecco when we were out at wedding fayre say 5 syns?? Anyone know just in a champagne flute
Dinner- steak, baby potatoes, onions, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and peas

We tried a sample of wedding cake which we shared a small bit each to try so not sure on syns

I will be over today but not by much I don't think as cake was about an inch so tiny

Had a lovely day hope you all had a nice day.

Oh we also began to wean Zac he tried carrots and loved them :)
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Wow how exciting for you both. :)

I'd say ur about right with your syns that you have guessed to be honest . You've prob had ya full 15 but sounds like you have had a fab day


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Thank you :)

Well we had a hellish night lol

Decided to start a bedtime routine tonight and Zac screamed for over an hour and seemed really sore. Paul thinks it was just a bad colic night as he was going all tense and rigid and throwing legs out.

Anyways he is down and has been 30 minutes in the bedroom (we usually cuddle him until we go bed - bad parents u know haha)

Sooooo tonight's chill night has not happened

Breakfast - 2 egg omelette with mushrooms onions and bacon

Lunch - I made my sister quorn Bolognese for her dinner tomorrow so kept a portion and had it for lunch

Snack- banannas and 2 high bars hex b

Dinner- rice lots of vegetables through it and pork chop

Snack - small twirl 5 syns

Syns - 5


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Stick at it it works. Olivia slept apsolute shocking untill around 12 week then started to sleep through but would take ages to actually go down. It got to the point where I would be upstairs for like 2 hours trying to get her to settle. Putting her down would cry straight away letting her fall asleep on me would wake every time and cry. I used to rock her sleep in arms stood up for ages and again would wake. It was so draining and we never got an evening to our self. Then when she did settle she went through a stage where after 1 hour would wake . Same thing happened again it was nightmare . Just before she was one she had chicken pox and a nasty cold and it made it even worse. It was about 2 weeks after she would just wake up crying quite often and just wouldn't settle. I took her docs to get checked over as normally never did this once was asleep. I was gettin up at 3/4 in mornin cause just gave up trying . I thort get her ears and stuff checked just incase. She was fine just got into a routine from being poorly and waking in the night.

So I left her sat on the stair with my fingers in ears and she cried for 1 hour pretty much none stop. I never went in once I had the camera on my knee and she proper sulked but I left her. She tired herself out that much didn't wake once. No sleep for one hour and waking to be cuddled bck to sleep.

Night two cried for 10 mins then stopped. Woke hour later cried another 10 mins then stopped. Over next week I remeber Lyin in bed thinkin if she cries I'm not goin to her. I only went if her dummy fell through cot. Never said a word completly ignored her . All week she spent about 10 mins cryin then it completly stopped .

She is now the best sleep ever goes bed at 6.30 and wakes 8.30/ 9 ish and never cries.

Trust me try it it's the best thing you can do . Sorry for going on but anythin to help us mums


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Thank you so much well after he went down at quarter to 9 he slept to 6am what a little darling. He is always good during the night but the past few weeks been up wanting fed once during night and once around 6am however he slept right through.

He has been doing great with weaning too I'm such a proud mumma.

Today for naps i'v been putting him down with his sleeping bag when he is tired and letting him fall asleep himself he does this during the night so needs to learn during day and at bed time.

What age was your little one in there own bedroom and big cot?

I'm dreading him going in lol. He still fits in moses basket just now but won't be long and out of it so think we need buy a crib.

Have a good day we are off to gymboree today xx


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How old is is he again? Just wondering maybe he havin growth spurt. This would explain the extra feeds .

Olivia went in own room at 7 months would of done it at 6 but we was moving house so waited untill in the new house. She went in her cot in our room at 4 months as out grew her Moses basket.

Sounds like he had a good night last night fingers crossed it continues for you. I did same as u in day aswell just use to lay her in cot awake she would cry for bit then go quiet. Sometime she would be awake still after 1 hour but eventually went sleep. She's now used to it really well. Some night she goes in cot at 7 and still talkin to herself at 10 hahaha but doesn't moan or cry once it's great.

Keep at it :)


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He is 4 months today he had been down 10 minutes there but woke screaming think he had a nightmare.

He has had all naps in moses basket today when he has been awake but sleepy in put him down in the moses basket to sleep. I think he will be in cot soon he only got about 1 and half to 2 inch gap at top now lol.

Food today had been good

B - egg muffins beans and tomatoes

L - hex b Brown bread with cheese and ham, bowl of melon and strawberries

S - bananna

D - stir fry with stir fry pack beansprouts and noodles with chicken sauce is 10.5 syns and I having some for lunch tomorrow so 3.5 per serving

S - fromage frais with strawberries

Syns - small twirl and Freddo 5 syns each

13.5 syns today


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He is but everyone telling me he should be into a routine by now.

He was down again by 8.15 in our room cried on and off a bit but managed to go down. He is doing so well I am so proud. He has been bad wijt his milk today and if struggled to feed him

Parents are back from holiday with lots of gifts and chocolate and sweets.

Iv synned some chocolate for tonight as another banging headache.

Food today

B - 3 egg muffins beans and tomatoes

L - left over dinner 3.5 syns

S - hex b Brown bread with ham

D - I made a sort of Spanish tomatoe paella with chicken chick peas onion and peppers and hex a cheese

S - 14 syns on 3 and half bits of each bar chocolate my parents got us from Tenerife one orange one truffle just realised that i had 3.5 from earlier so I'm over and I thought I'd done so well damn!!

Syns 17.5


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I wouldn't worry what ppl say . You always find someone to tell you oh should be doin that by now etc. You do what ever you need to survive the night hahah


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Thanks he has been doing fab down each night down from 8.15 wakening once about 4am and then down again to about 8ish.

Iv not been good today had a bit of a bad day family wise and it got to me and I had a glass of wine so annoyed as we went to view wedding venue again and took my parents sister and nephew and they loved it, Mum and Dad took us for dinner and I had chicken Cesar salad any idea on syns? I'm sure the one I seen before was 10 and we went a walk to park and Paul wanted treat me to ice cream and I didn't have it and then ruined it tonight.


Breakfast - scrambled egg and hex b toast with bacon

Lunch - chicken Cesar salad (10?) Could be less as cheese hex a as wasnt alot?

Dinner - gsmmon steak with chips tomatoes mushrooms and egg

Syns - glass of wine no idea on syns
Chocolate 14 syns same as last night and it now finished


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Wine is 10 for large glass haha that's me screwed at weekend . Olivia at my mums for night so il be makin most of it lol


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I always blame Olivia for eating yesterday I was puttin her pjs on and went well done you have been really good today not been on the step at all. Next 10 mins she was on it three times hahahah

You know them days where you just feel really stressed and need to grab a choc bar lol


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Awwww man I was bad again yesterday lol we had another hectic day we were our from 10am-6pm then settled Zac and finally got dinner at half 8. We were so good when we were out and I came home and bad not just a glass of wine but a bottle of rose wine oppps.

So yesterday I had

B - egg muffins, beans and tomatoes

L - hex b Brown bread cheese and ham sandwich and a banana

D - Chinese chicken and oyster sauce from Chinese with brocolli and egg fried rice 10.5 syns

Bottle of rose wine opposes

Today we have been good and Zac is moving into his big boy crib we bought him. He is back to fighting every single feed and is so much hard work and it's so stressful as he is not taking alot of milk again not sure if it's teeth coming in and sore or milk allergy flaring up again. He had a reaction to carrots so we stopped them for a while and try in month or so. He had parsnips yesterday and today and so far have gone well he is doing fab with bedtime routine was down for 8 last night and slept to 6 then got bottle and down for hour again so not bad. We ended up getting him a sippy cup to try as he wants to do everything himself and he can do it makes a mess but it proper cute.

Anyways food today

B - hex b Brown bread with cheese triangle and chicken

L - chicken with rice and veg and a banana

S - melon and strawberries

D - Paul is cooking me dinner and is cooking diet coke chicken with sweet potato

Syns I have a packet of cheese and onion crisps for tonight 8.5 syns


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Yay go Zac

You enjoyed ya wine like me haha. Oh well we're pretty good most of the time aren't we. I felt tipsy so carried on haha . I think being a mum is the most stressful/rewarding job ever and at times days can be long and hard. Can't beat nice large glass of wine to chill out with at night


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I totally agree especially way Zac been since Thursday fighting every single bottle again!!

Today iv been good we had a day in and I watched the footie with my baby ♡ put him into his little kit to watch with me lol. Thankfully our team won - his dad likes a different team so Zac likes both lol.

Breakfast - I got the half syn square sausages at Aldi had 2 of them with fried egg and bacon with hex b toast and hex a bit of cheese on toast.

Lunch - Mediterranean vegetable batcherlors pasta with veg half the packet with Paul

Dinner - made toast beef dinner loaded with vegetables - carrots parsnips peas roasted tomatoes brocolli and mashed potatoes

Syns - packet of kettle bites lentil curls 4.5 syns baby twirl 5 syns and packet of mini party rings 4.5 syns