Diary of a new mum trying to get back on it ♡


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Today has been a good day. Zac had been better during the day but has screamed for an hour straight tonight lol.


Breakfast - egg muffins x 4

Lunch - chicken and lentil soup and an apple

Dinner - hex b Brown roll with chicken burger and bacon with hex a cheese with chips and salad

I'll have snacks tonight xx
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Another day on it :)

Breakfast 2 egg omelette with bacon and red onion and half tin beans at side

Met friends for a coffee - skinny cappucinno 4 syns

Lunch- hex b Brown bread with hex a cheese and tomatoes then a bowl with 2 chopped kiwi fruits and strawberries

Dinner - chicken madras (2 x tbsp paktas paste = 4 syns/3 as Paul taking into to work so I'll do 1.5 syns to be safe) with rice and mixed veg/ passata/ onion/ peas and brocolli

Syns - mini party rings 4.5 and small dairy milk bar 5 syns


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Oh god Olivia been tryin feed me mini party rings most of the day lol. She told me she's very hungry and needed 2 packets because she is only little and was hungry hahaha


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I had a good day yesterday and 14 syns not been too bad today as Well

Breakfast - 2 egg omelette and an apple

Lunch- went out with a friend had soup and half a toastie Brown bread with chicken and bacon and bit mayo 5 syns

Dinner - slimming world calzone Paul made with syn free chips was amazing 3 syns approx as it 5.5 for pizza and hex a cheese chicken pepper and onion

Will have a treat later:)


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20170903_124257.jpg Forgot to post this yesterday as Zac had major meltdown for hours last night

Food Saturday

B - hex b Brown bread French toast and coffee

L - went out for lunch and had baked potato and 5 bean chilli from Wetherspoons with side salad any ideas on syns? I was so proud everyone else I was with had burgers

D - slimming world syn free salt and pepper chicken with rice and lots of vegetables only ate half as had to reheat 3 times due to Zac so didn't want it in the end

Snacks - curly wurly 6 and mcvities Carmel cake slice 6 syns

Today iv been good which I'm proud of again as we took Zac to the theme park and played in the amusements. I'm going to weigh this week but took a picture and actually feel as if my face thinner from previous pictures 20170903_124257.jpg how adoreable is my baby

Anyways I didn't have any slush or donought in middle my favourite when here instead we came home and had lunch.

Breakfast - hex b Brown bread bacon and hex a cheese

Lunch - bachelors rice half packet with lots of vegetables

Dinner - it's our 6 year anniversary so Paul got us a Chinese I had oyster chicken and fried rice 10.5 syns and loved it

Realised I'm not eating enough fruit so going to add more this week :)

Danny Johnson

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Not sure if anyone remembers me but I'd been on here a few years ago. Iv followed slimming world on and off the last few years.

However I fell off the wagon in 2015 when i fell pregnant and lost our first baby due to an ectopic pregnancy. I then gained 2 stone following this and fell pregnant again and had my rainbow baby in April 2017 a beautiful little boy Zac. Zac is now 10 and a half weeks old so if decided it's time to get back on it. I gained around 1 and a half stone during my pregnancy. So think I have between 3 and 4 stone to lose. Iv not weighed so going to this weekend.

I used to follow extra easy and green/red days which worked for me and I don't know the new way to do it and not going to class so will do them unless someone wants to teach me the new way lol.

Yesterday I had a good day

Breakfast - 2 eggs 2 tbsp extra light mayo on hex b toast with coffee part hex a

Lunch- 2 egg omelette with chicken tomatoes mushrooms onions and pepper

Dinner - slimming world cottage pie with extra lean mince made with chopped tomatoes onion peppers and mixed frozen veg with asparagus and mixed veg on side carrots brocolli peas sweet corn

I then took a really upset tummy so had nothing else all night except water lol

Syns 1
Weekly 1/70

Today I'm feeling much better

Breakfast- coffee with part hex a milk, 3 x slimming world egg muffins with mushrooms onions and peppers in them, plum tomatoes and beans

Lunch - bachelors arriabata pasta with onion and some of the veg pack from last night carrot peas sweetcown and brocolli

Off to Zacs class now and will have some fruit when I get home

Hope to speak to you all soon :)
Greetings :)
It is so glad to see somebody is doing the right job :) I am trying to lose weight for a few months now by simply changing my eating habits. However, I am thinking about starting the keto diet. I did that a few years ago and I did not have much luck. The problem was I was not eating enough and that totally messed up my metabolism. Since then I keep telling my friends if they eat less or not eat at all they will not lose a single pound. This is my average day:
breakfast: 2 egg whites, salad, low-fat cheese
snack: smoothie (no sugar of course)
lunch: grilled chicken breast or fish plus salad and sometimes potatoes or rice
snack: fruit or nuts
dinner: tuna and low-fat cheese, salad
Now, I track the number of calories and my nutrients with keto calculator, but I suppose you can also use My Fitness Pal? Any experience with that area?
Best of luck,


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Well been good past few days but been really busy. We booked our wedding for 27 March 2020.

I weighed today but it was a different boots as the one in my town is broken so not sure how true it is. I'd only lost 3lbs. So I am 13.12lbs now I am happy I'm back in 13 and also 3lbs away from my pre pregnancy weight meaning since Zac been born iv lost 1stone 9lbs. So then all I need to do is lose 3lbs and i gained around 2.5 stone when we lost the baby so if i can lose that I'm almost at 11stone which I'd be happy with.


B - sw bachelors quiche with a coffee
S - small skinni cappucinno 4 syns met girls from work for a coffee
L - hex b bread with Turkey and a bowl of melon
D - baked white fish with brocolli carrot cauliflower and baby potatoes



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Oooooooh exciting times bet you can't wait . Will soon come around aswell time goes so fast. I reckon you will have another little one by then following you as you walk down :)
What have you booked then church ?

3lb is good and if you look at total loss it's fab. Your prob loosing inches aswell.


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No we booked it in a hotel the Eglington arms google it :)
Ohhhh I doubt it think we will try after wedding however. Zac is enough for now lol.

Iv been bad today we have been having major issues with Zacs feeding he is completely refusing milk. We are having to force feed him basically and I'll be honest if not been good. Had 4 hours sleep on Thursday and then he was awful all Friday wouldn't eat and we were both in tears. I ended up going to my parents for dinner and she made us macaroni cheese then I had some crisps when we got in as Zac wouldn't go down and a half 10 we were still trying to settle him so I sat and munched lol.

We then all went out for the day today I made a slimming world breakfast had hex b Brown bread with hex a cheese poached egg mushrooms and bacon

Lunch was a fruit scone opps

Dinner we are getting a takeaway as again Zac hasn't settled and is refusing his feed. Going to be another long night.

Tomorrow I'm cooking Paul a birthday meal which will be steak pie but going to try be better and only syns will be the pastry.

However I'm away next Friday so can't see me being good when we are away do I'll try my best during week until we go got lots of fruit in and going to make soup for lunches. Then after holiday in on It!! I need to be xx


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Looks lovely bet you can't wait . To be fair your still at the the young stage. We were both like no chance Olivia is enough but she's at nursery soon and you realise your baby is growing up :(.

I wonder if he is coming down with somethin . Olivia always did the same when she was used to worry up sick. I remeber one time she went 3 days with nothin just wasn't interested. Doctor said as long as drinking and getting wet nappies not to worry. We learnt from then that when ever she was like it we new she was coming next down with something . She's a brilliant eater aswell. It's so hard when they can't tell you either isn't it.


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Just thought I would say hi! I have a baby a couple of weeks younger than your little boy and am following slimming world to lose weight for my wedding in January.

I have followed slimming world before but, have never stuck to it for long enough. I have six stone to lose overall but am aiming for around 3 stone by wedding which is only 18 weeks away aghhhh!

Well done so far!