Diary of a new mum trying to get back on it ♡

Hi girls

Well had a fab day at the wedding yesterday and didn't eat too much lol.

We ended up taking Zac for few hours at night so we're home by half 9.

Today I was right back on it

B - 2 x Brown bread with scrambled eggs and mushrooms with a coffee hex a and b and 4 syns for 2nd slice bread

Lunch- tuna pasta with peppers and onions half a syn for mayo

Dinner- el mince in beef stock cube, boiled potatoes, carrots, peas, green beans and cauliflower

S - fat free fromage fraid and strawberries with little sweetener

Syns - packet of baked crisps 5 syns and tea cake 5 syns

Total 14.5

Being good today to Tuesday then away and have wedding Saturday so won't be on it and back on it Sunday with no more days off until Christmas

Hope you all had a fab weekend x
20170805_201116.jpgmy world at the wedding ♡

Oh and today Zac rolled over properly for the first time was so proud! Not bad got 15 weeks

Yeah I will weigh when I go to the shops today after Zacs class if scales in boots are sorted.

Yesterday I was good

Breakfast - 2 egg omelette with mushrooms onion pepper and ham

Lunch- tuna pasta half a syn for mayo with pepper onion mushroom again and then a pear

Dinner - slimming world carbonara with celery mushrooms onion spring onion and peas

Snack - small wispa say 7 syns?

Today I am being good too :) and we are away tomorrow

Breakfast - chopped eggs in a cup with hex b Brown bread and a coffee

Lunch - tuna pasta half a syn and strawberries

Dinner - fish with rice and veg
Well I weighed and I'm 14stone 1lb so 6lbs off over the moon :) I'm now going to weigh monthly as iv said before I become obsessed if I do more.


great loss, well done. good luck with monthly weigh ins, its so easy to become obsessed with the scales x x
Thanks girls well as I planned iv been off plan from Wednesday as away.

I'm now home and had my friends wedding at the weekend so back on it today.

We had a fab time in Blackpool Zac absolutely loved it.

Today iv jumped right back on it

Breakfast - hex b Brown bread cheese spread hex a with boiled egg

Lunch - slimming world Heinz soup

Snack - bowl of melon and some strawberries

Dinner - chicken in herbs on skewers with pepper onion cherry tomatoes and mushrooms on a bed of rice with herbs and chicken stock loaded with frozen veg carrots peas green beans sweet corn leek and courgette

Will have some snacks later and syns

Hope you are all well :)
Thank you :)

Made the most amazing dinner I ended up using a Coleman's sweet chill sauce in a bag on the chicken but only managed half of my dinner way too much the sauce was 8 syns so 4 each

Treats tonight are a chocolate mousse 3.5 syns and a tea cake 5 with a cup of tea

Syns - 12.5

20170810_162244.jpg my cheeky monkey at sea life centre
Thanks girls

Well the dreaded last jags were today. So far so good and not had visit hospital like last ones so fingers crossed he be ok. His tempreture just gone up there so gave paracetamol. He had been so clingy today poor baby otherwise ok.

Today I made slimming world egg muffins loaded with spinach pepper onion and mushrooms

Breakfast - 3 egg muffins beans and tomatoes with water

Lunch - rice with vegetables

Dinner - spaghetti with extra lean mince, peppers, mushrooms, onions, spring onions, chopped tomatoes with cheese

Snack ' green tea with drifter 5 syns and a jammy dodger 4 syns

Syns- 9
Yesterday I had a really good day and did a green day and was within syns

Today I took Zac to book bug then we went to a cafe and pottery shop with my friend where he got his hand a foot prints done. Then took him into the soft play for a bit we had a lovely day

Breakfast - beans egg muffins and tomatoes

Lunch - cheese and ham toastie when I was out which I seen the last make up so it was 2 Tesco basic Brown bread think around 6 syns and my hex b, little bit of cheese and ham I asked for no butter so going to use cheese as hex a

Also had an apple and a tangerines

Dinner - extra lean pork burger with chips and salad

Having a curly wurly tonight- 6 syns
Had a busy day today

Took my sister to shops and ended up spending 25 oppps however I got Paul beer and Zac a new toy.

Breakfast - hex b Brown bread with 3 egg muffins on it

Lunch - chicken and courgette soup

Snack - bowl of melon

Dinner - sw fakeaway pizza with mushrooms peppers onions chicken and bacon with a sw bbq sauce and hex a cheese with half pasta with the same (made a meal like we normally get at our favourite Italian recipe) except mine was my hex a and 3 syns for half the pizza base

Snack - curly wurly - 6

Syns- 9 syns

Got our massive meal delivery tonight all from butchers and lean or extra lean so I'm so excited to try it all

Hope you all have a fab weekend x
Had a lovely day at the brother and sister in laws then popped into our other sister and brother in laws on the way home. Zac had a fab time seeing his cousin's.

I managed to stick to plan when out too so I'm happy whilst they had rolls in tattie scone and square sausage I had a mugshot

Breakfast- hex b Brown bread with scrambled eggs and mushrooms and a coffee part hex a

Lunch - mugshot

Dinner - we ordered Chinese and my friend told me chicken with oyster sauce was only 6.5 syns? I had it and asked to add brocolli as more vegetables and with egg fried rice 4 syns?? It was absolutely amazing and the best thing iv tried in a long time wasn't greesy and felt healthy


Syns 10.5??

Tomorrow we are going to a wedding fayre I can't wait

I also brought home a cupcake from my sister in law and when I got in decided I wasn't having it as I didn't know how to syn it and id be over syns I'm very proud
Your tea looks yummy , I chose boiled rice if I have it as it's free Hun so even less syns lol.

Also beef with mushrooms is 8.5 syns