790 plan recepie ideas


I have a variety of spices in my cupboard and I tend to whack some on my chicken/turkey and grill it no oil in a good griddle pan.
Then have it with mixed salad and a dash of vinegar.
Also you could try getting a small chicken breast cutting it in half down the middle slice some mushrooms wrap in tin foil bung in oven for 30 minutes and serve with brocoli or similar

Obviously you need to make allowances for the weights but thats all really.
I am having cajun tuna and spinach tonight
One of my favourites is to cut up chicken fillet,mushrooms and courgette put in a non stick frying pan with a couple of glugs of balsamic vinegar keep turning until cooked , DELICIOUS!! Usually the best ones are the ones you just throw together any ingredients you can use (balsamic vinegar is a great aid to flavouring food on this plan!)
Hope this helps Love Sarah xx