790 Programme - what do you eat in a day?

Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by BuxomWench, 24 February 2008 Social URL.

  1. BuxomWench

    BuxomWench Full Member

    Sorry, I know I could ask my CDC but she's a bit weird and will (a) probably try to talk me out of it and (b) tends to not do things by the book and make people eat porrige and stuff, which I'm pretty sure is not part of 790.

    Could you tell me what you eat in a day? How many packs, and what does the meal consist of? Is there a milk allowance? And to what extent does it tend to affect weight loss, is it significant? And finally, is hunger a factor or is it a little nicer than sole source simply because there is a bit more?

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  3. spooky

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  4. BuxomWench

    BuxomWench Full Member

  5. nellis10

    nellis10 Doing it for keeps now!!

    I'm following the 790 plan and I make a soup in the evenings...

    quorn, spinach and loads of spices (plus a little bouillon too). I make it with loads of water too so that it's used as my water allowance too!

    Very filling!!!
  6. dreamingmaid

    dreamingmaid Silver Member

    I haven't really had much experience of 790, i have been on it the past 3 days and to be honest i find it harder than ss. I have to think about food a lot more and it tends to make me hungrier, can't seem to want to stop at just my evening meal, i think i still have real issues with food in general though.
    It's nice having a milk allowance...half a pint of skimmed milk a day.
    Everybody is different and a lot of people have great success.
  7. SoonToBeGorgeous

    SoonToBeGorgeous Loving the Cambridge Diet

    Am on week 23 of 790 and I love it!

    Have lost weight with no problems on it either

    Give it a go and see what happens

  8. BuxomWench

    BuxomWench Full Member

    I think I need to do it for a while. Basically I've lost over 3 stone on SS and have pretty much undone the damage of my pregnancy and I'm just tweaking it now, whilst I decide what I want to get down to (I need to get lower than my pre-pregnancy weight, as I still have a mummy tummy, wasn't quite at goal then anyway, etc). I was a Lighterlife client previously, and have chosen Cambridge because its cheaper and nicer flavours, more accesible etc and I dont need a second lot of "counselling". BUT - Lighterlife was excellent in that it had 4 packs a day. For some reason that suits me. Eating 3 times a day doesn't. Probably why I became overweight in the first place, but my blood sugar and psyche just doesn't like it. Ok, so I could have an extra pack, like a tall person (I'm not but I'm sure it would still be very effective) but I like the idea of a milk allowance, because since I got pregnant I just haven't been able to get on with black coffee, even 6 months after giving birth it still turns my stomach for some reason! Previously I loved it. I've been sneaking the odd bit of milk into coffee recently on sole source, and its naughty, and it makes you hungry, and I feel that I should make it official and have a milk allowance, and instead of a fourth pack a meal, something to chew on. It bothers me slightly that my son (6 months) never sees me eat. Well, only a bar. Here I am weaning him, he's on 3 meals and 4 bottles a day, and he never sees me put anything in my mouth. I dunno, I think 790 is the way to go, and even if I just use it as a break from SS for a few weeks, I think it will be worthwhile!

    Thanks for your advice though, I now know enough about it to TELL my counsellor tomorrow that I'm doing it, and wont have to negotiate with her over silly breakfast options that she seems to favour (she has this idea that a bowl of porrige will get you through to lunchtime - it never worked for me before so its not likely to now!).
  9. nellis10

    nellis10 Doing it for keeps now!!

    i have about 2.5 stone to go to get to bmI 25 and I am more than happy to do this at the 790 level rather than SS.:)
  10. SoonToBeGorgeous

    SoonToBeGorgeous Loving the Cambridge Diet

    I have loved doing the 790 plan

    Give it a go and see how you get on


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