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790 side effects

Hi Gang

Sorry been a bit quiet lately!

Just wondered if anyone else had experienced any problems when working up through the plans. I am on my second week of 790 and after having no problems at all on SS am now experiencing...

Water retention
Bit bunged up and had to up the fibre - if you know what I mean!
Leg cramps

any ideas???

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Thanks STBG. I have drunk 4ltrs throughout - do I need to up the amount on 790 do you think?


Loving the Cambridge Diet
Well I haven't upped the water on mine and I would say you are drinking more than enough.

Could be your body is just adjusting itself to the extra food/carbs etc.


Fairy Princess to Be
I had major probs! I think it was just coz my poor system didn't know what to do with the food!
Few things I tried, not exactly sure which of them helped and which didn't but am better now:
The Boots Fibresure stuff, dissolved in water (only had once a day)
Activia yoghurts (in place of milk allowance)
Gentle exercise, particularly abdominal (so some tummy toning exercises for instance)
I also, later, saw something interesting that too much protein can cause similar symptoms; while obviously you're technically not eating too much protein it will be more than your tum's used to so maybe talk to your CDC since it might be worth introducing it more slowly ie half portions for a few days and increase it a bit over a week.
The other option is just to sit tight and ride it out, I'm sure your body will adjust eventually, I was just too uncomfortable and impatient and tried everything! My poor CDC was perplexed too since I seemed to be doing things by the book but sometimes these things just happen.
Obviously these are just my own ideas rather than medical/CD advice but hopefully some of them might help and hope you start feeling better soon :wave_cry:


Loving the Cambridge Diet
I have always had the Total fat-free yoghurt in place of my milk allowance on 790 or bio-yoghurt fat-free with some CD water flavouring in - a scant amount- to make it fruity

We can't have the normal Activia yoghurt on 790

That might help.
Thanks for the advice both, will give your tips a try, been feeling really low and what with the water and the other problem feel I am blowing up like a balloon which is such a shame as I am really enjoying the eating thing!

Sorry Georgie....didn't know you'd posted this today :eek:
As you know from my own thread, I'm suffering too (I look about 5 months pregnant and my stomach is rock hard)...plus I've also gained in weight. I think I'm just going to have to cut down my portions...

Fingers crossed for us both eh? (Can't be doing with weeks of this!?! Can't sleep or anything :()

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