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790 thread

Ok so i started a thread for all of us on 790 on the CD restarter section and then i went on a huge food rampage and stopped posting so i thought to kick myself into gear and keep myself and fellow 790'ers motivated we should have our own thread here where it's easy to find!!

I'm back on 790 today. SO far i've had a choc tetra, a veg drink and 1 1/2 litres water. I plan to have a muffin in a bit and then a tuna steak and steamed cabbage for dinner and a shake for supper.

What's your 790 plan for today and how are you finding it?
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Ive had a choccie tetra, a cheese and broccoli soup, 2 litres of water and a gob full of coke zero!!!

Im on track so far, chicken and cabbage for my tea, and a frozen choc tetra for pudding!!!

thats the plan, have DD friend here and we are going strawberry picking, hopefully in a mo!
I'm on 790 too!

However I've blown it for today - had a muffin for breakfast, someone over for lunch and had my meal at 12.00, and a bar to follow. Just had another muffin because eating at midday makes me hungry as a troll.

So looks like water and growling stomach for the rest of the day!!

122 lb down (30 on CD), 11 lb to go
I'm just on with my meal. I have decided no matter how hungry i am cabbage isnt one of my favourites!! I think that the lack of gravy on it isnt helping at all!

Tuna is good though!! I am having a bar later and 1 1/2 litres water.
I'm on the 790 as well, did 2 weeks sole sourcing but found it tough going, so I'm onto 790 and enjoying it so far.

Today I've had my water, a few sneaky crab sticks ;-), a choc mint mousse, followed by some quorn dry fried with a sprinkle of garlic and a bowl full of veg (including broc, cauli, cabbage and dry fried mushrooms) :)

I'm actually feeling quite full right now and I still have my bar to look forward to, which is always great to eat during Big Brother ;-)

I'm finding it suprising how much choice there is really :) I know this is only my 3rd day so in another week I may be bored of it all :) but I've had haddock, chicken, quorn tonight, tuna steaks tomorrow, then probably more chicken but will try stir frying it, then sunday night will be cod :)

Will be intrigued to find out how much weight I lose this week, being my first 790 week :) But will keep you informed :)

Take care



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I have been doing 790 for just over 9 weeks and loving it.

My weight losses have been fairly uniform throughout and apart from the odd slice of tomato I have not strayed at all.

My diet consists of :-

Breakfast - shake with 1 teaspoon of psyllium husk

Lunch - soup with 1 teaspoon of psyllium husk

Dinner - meal of one of the following cottage cheese, chicken, haddock, sea bass, tinned tuna, pan fried sea bass or tuna and for the odd treat we go out for a meal and I have chicken tikka with salad. I only ever eat lettuce with my meat/fish with some Sainsburys Honey & Mustard low fat dressing.

Dessert - frozen CD bar.

Now and again I have a milky coffee and have given up on Coke & Dr Pepper Zero at the moment just in case it adds any time on to my diet, I can see the finishing line and want to get there ASAP.


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Im starting 790 on Monday after many failed attempts to restart ss.
Having a girly night on Saturday with mucho vino :D then Sunday to recuperate ;)

What sort of losses can we expect? Lee your weekly losses are great, would like to lose like that! but men tend to lose quicker dont they?

Looking forward to see how we all get on :D
Day 3 for me is nearly done and dusted, just munching on a frozen tetra now with a pint of aqua and then Im done!!

Been good so far, lets see what Monday nights weigh in brings!!

As long as I average 3lb a week then Ill be happy, Glad to see all these 790ers out there, 790 seems a rare breed at times!!
Day 3 for me is nearly done and dusted, just munching on a frozen tetra now with a pint of aqua and then Im done!!

Been good so far, lets see what Monday nights weigh in brings!!

As long as I average 3lb a week then Ill be happy, Glad to see all these 790ers out there, 790 seems a rare breed at times!!

Well done - sounds like you've had a good day. It should be easier now the end's in sight, shouldn't it, but every day down the last few pounds takes so much willpower!

We can do it!!!

I pulled it back today - ate all my allowance by 2 pm because I had someone over for lunch, lesson learned - but have had a cup of vegetable stock soup and a jelly for dinner, so no damage done. Another day done and dusted :)

122 lb down (30 lb on CD), 11 lb to go
Mmm interesting this ~ I'll be starting on the 790 plan during next week (plan on doing a few days AAM then move into 790). Will have been ssing for 11wks by then, now in the low 26bmi range ~ so the advice I've been getting is it's time to move up the plans in order to continue with a weightloss whilst stabilizing ready for maintenance.

Good to see that folks still get good weightlosses on the 790 and to be honest I feel ready to start introducing some food ~ getting a little bored of SSing now.

So, will continue to watch this thread develop :D
All this talk of 9 weeks on the diet without sinning and last night I had an extra half a CD bar.

If that is my only sin then I will be happy !


Fed up of being fat
Im a fellow 790'er too, although Im not really a restarter, Ive been doing 790 since I started 5 weeks ago. I relly like this plan and know that I would have struggled on ss. I did cheat a couple of times in my first couple of weeks but Im on the stright and narrow now.
Hows everyone doing today, Ive had 2 litres of water and a choc shake, just about to have some cottage cheese and a soup!!!

Having half cottage cheese and half chicken today with lettuce later.

And a frozen tetra of course!!!!
Hi Chaps,

My CDC has recommended that I move onto 790 at this stage and then onto 1000.

What can one expect to lose per week on 790? I am desperate to get to the end of this dieting lark and it seems so much easier to stay SS until I get to where I want to be and then look to increase the calories gradually.

I am planning ahead and have bought a Low GI diet book which looks really good but I soooooooooooooooooooooo want to get to target as quickly as possible.

I feel absolutely fine at the moment and am feeling very motivated.
There may be no noticeable difference on a weekly basis, think the loss per month is fractions of a 1lb.

This varies from person to person of course.
hi.. think i will be jumping on to the 790 wago next week. started out this week thinking i could do SS, but am failing miserably. will try to get through tomorrow and the day after next on SS as much as possible, then start 790 on monday.

i must say, im particuarly inspired by ur weight loss, leehal. have you been doing 790 all the way? youre losing so well!! :)
I'm on 790 as well....moved to it as SS was taking its toll on my health(tired all the time, no energy) and I feel better for it now. I stick to chicken or Turkey mostly...
Hi everyone

I look forward to joining you all very soon. I have another 5lbs to go and then my CDC has suggested i move up to 790 from ss as i'll be bmi 25.

Really enjoyed my aam week so cant wait to get going on the 790!

Will be interested to see how your losses go over the next few weeks.


Fed up of being fat
Well I've had my usual daily choc tetras split into drinks throughout the day and Ive still got 1 tetra left to have which takes me through till bed time. I had my evening meal tonight which was chicken fillets coated with chilli powder and mixed herbs, oven baked in tin foil served on a bed of watercress with a dollop of cottage cheese on the side .. Yum Yum!!!

Then I went and flaming well sinned and had a few of my sons chips ... arggh!!! I hope I havent messed up my loss too much this week now!! I'll soon find out on Tuesday.

I mainly have chicken, turkey and tinned tuna. I started out eating cod too but Ive gone off that at the moment. Im having spices and herbs with everthing now, though I never used to!!

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