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7lb diff between my scales and counsellors ones :(


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S: 22st1.5lb C: 22st1.5lb G: 11st7lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
My counsellors scales have always weighed me 'lighter' than my own ones, and hers were just a bog standard set you get from Boots/Tesco's etc.

However last week when I weighed in, she warned me that the scales had been showing about a 3kg (6.6lbs) diff with everyone, so whatever weight you had shown 'lost' on there she would add on 3kgs (!)

Ie scales show a loss of 10lbs she would add on 6lb bring your weight loss to 4lbs for the week.

I was bit miffed to be honest that I was being weighed on dodgy scales that week.

This week she had a set exactly like the sort I see in my GP's office. However this shows a HELL of a lot of diff between my scales and hers ! 7lbs in fact ! I've been weighing myself with own scales since I started and no way have I 'lost' the combined weight that has been on my card claiming I have lost compared to my own notes for the whole time I have been doing this.

She did tell me actually at that weigh in yesterday that the new scales she didnt like much as she couldnt read them that well so they were probably going back. Sorry but I'm not really keen on being weighed all the time at her place with different scales, surely this doesnt represent the true weight loss ?

I was a bit shocked at how big the diff is as well ! 2 or 3 lbs I can live with between scales but 7lbs !? Surely something is a bit amiss ?

Or am I being a bit OTT :eek:
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I won't really be able to help, but if I were you I'd be really annoyed! I don't think you're being OTT at all! My CDC's scales are really snazzy, not just a cheapo set, because we all know that you can't get proper accurate readings from cheapo ones!
I would be miffed too hun. I am weighing myself and keeping my own record, however my scales say I have lost more than what my counsellors scales say. If I were you I would explain to her that you are unhappy and the reason why. She must see that what you are saying is perfect sense. Not sure about her taking away lbs just coz she thinks so..... bit odd.
that is so annoying.My cdc and myself have the same scales and there always pretty much the same weight when i hop on them. However all scales are diff. I have digital ones as well and there diff from the mechanical ones.She needs to buy a proper set!!


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next time you go take a 5lb bag of spuds and ask her to weigh them then you kknow which scales are out.

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Excellent idea - that's how I calibrate mine regularly! ;)

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