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7th WI

well as some of you have seen i started a thread yesterday saying its finally hit me that im now 14st something... well WI today said i was dead on 15st grrr but thats still a loss of 3lbs this week and in total 2stone and 1lb so thats good :D and i WILL see 14st something next week :) oh matt lost a 1lb bless him, no idea whats going on but he remembered earlier that he had eaten a WHOLE pack of extra strong mints, so that might have something to do with it, fingers crossed for next week for both of us :D xxx
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Ha I remember that thread from yesterday...well a 3lbs loss is still good, and as you said you WILL be 14st something next week. Well done on the fab loss.
It's the difference in scales again. If I weigh myself before I go to CDC and then she weighs me straight away, I haven't lost as much as my scales say! I now only use mine as a guidance in that SOMETHING is happening! lol Well done though Kate. You are doing great!
ty guys :D mine and hers are usualy about the same tho, spose it was only a 1lb or less different :rolleyes:

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I go by my own scales, again they are the same as cdc's. But my scales are the ones I've used for years and they'll be with me long after my cdc will be lol. I've actually stopped weighing myself since sunday. It's the best thing I've done you know xxx


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Congrats on your 3lbs! I'm in the same boat as you, Kate- my WI's on Monday evening and atm my scales are showing 15st0.75, but this morning they were 14st13.75 (woot woot 14s baby!) I know full well it'd just be my luck not to be under on Monday lol! xx
hehe bubbly penguin, good luck for you WI and ty :D and well done sunshine...i dont think i could stop weighing daily lol! xxx


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Im a compulsive daily weigher, could do this without doing it, you have done very well with 3lb off, my cdc scales are always different sometimes by as much as 3lb i dont get it as i weigh in my house just before i leave then at the same time every week on my cdc's, it weird, my scales are more accurate im sure (always lighter on mine) lol