8 Stone down!


Creating my life
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Hi everyone

I'm not at the end of my journey yet but I hit 8 stone lost yesterday. I've got 2 more to lose but I figure 8 is worth celebrating.

I've lost it through various diets (I changed diets when I struggled) mostly just plain calorie counting and Cambridge.

I'm on Cambridge for the last bit then I'll go back to calorie counting again to maintain.

Anyway the reason I post is to say that when I started dieting at 21 stone 9 I would see people who had lost loads and feel a bit intimidated. I'd think..wow could I ever do that?

In the end I thought..well if they can so can I....and I was right....and so can you!

The other thing though is that I've done a lot of head work as well. I don't think anyone gets up to over 20 stone without there being issues to sort out.

I'm determined never to be that weight again so I've worked through my issues on the way down. Now I feel completely different inside - MUCH happier and more confident.

Now to get that other 2 stone off.
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Blue Butterfly

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That is an incredible loss,well done and good luck losing the last 2.

I feel the same now as when you 1st started...you know,can I actually do this,will I ever be thin!
But seeing yours and other peoples success stories makes me think that yeah I can achieve my goal.
Thanks for posting this :)
Claire x


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wow, that is a huge achievement! :eek:


Losing the mummy fat
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That is an amazing weight loss, a huge well done :D
Have you any pics to keep us all motivated?xx


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Wow thats amazing. Well done. Hope I have the same willpower.


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that is inspirational. well done you. i bet you feel a whole new person


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That is a fantastic achievement, WELL DONE. Good Luck to losing the other 2 stone


love it
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yeah, i truly beleive that 99% of dieting is mental !! just wish i could sort out my 'head stuff' once and for all

you are truly an inspriation


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Wow, you are truly amazing. We all know how hard it is to lose and 8 stone is just fantastic. You should be sooo proud of yourself :)


gunna be a fatty for ever
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wow well done! thats amazing! good luck for the next 2 .. not that u need it! :)

truely inspirational!!!

love katie


Creating my life
S: 21st9lb C: 14st7lb G: 12st7lb Loss: 7st2lb(33%)
Thank you everyone. I would post photo's but I have a horrible work colleague who is trying to find me on the internet and that would be confirmation.

Anyway thank you and just believe you can do it. x


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Well done Coley

Fantastic achievement Coley.
You are absolutley right. It's the "head stuff" that's make or break with this weight loss business.
People don't get to the weight we were by just eating too many Mars bars!
There are usually complex reasons for gradually putting on the weight over a long period of time.
If we address those on the way back down we are much more likely to be able to maintain.
You'll have that last 2 stone off by the summer.


That's amazing! Wow, well done! I'm about the same weight as when you started. Thank you so much for sharing your story you give me hope x


Big Boy
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Fantastic, well done you!!

Wasted Ink

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Congratulations on the loss. Amazingly inspirational. :)

Good luck on the final 2 stone.