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810 and STARVING!!!


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Hi Everyone, Well I did Cambridge last year and finished at 12st 7, having lost 4 stones. I maintained for 3 months but my weight crep up a little, to around 13st 6. I had intended to go back to Cambridge to lose the fatty pockets that I had not got rid of first time. I started on 810 level last Thursday, and I have to say I am starving for most of the day, regardless of the water I drink. I know maybe I won't get into ketosis on this level, but can anyone advise on how to quell the hunger? I am finding this so much harder than last time. I am looking at least another month on this level to go down to 11 stones but the thought of this hunger for that length of time fills me with dread!!!
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Hey hun, sorry to hear you are struggling.

Just to let you know, you should be in ketosis on 810 - you are only having the packs plus the green and white meal so you should be in ketosis and not feeling hungry. It is carbs that stop you going into ketosis and on 810 you are hardly consuming any more carbs than
on SS/SS+.

Maybe try one of the lower plans if you think it will help ketosis. SS+ is very similar to 810 if you add the meal rather than the milk



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Not everyone manages to stay in ketosis on 810, unfortunately. Some people have a higher tolerance for carbs than others.

What are you having for your meal? Some of the choices are higher in carbs than others, e.g., cottage cheese has more carbs in than chicken. Also bear in mind that vegetables still have carbs - are you having more than 3 tbsp?

So sorry to hear you're struggling, hun.


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Hi Wannabslim, Thanks for the reply. My counsellor wouldn't allow me to do ss+ because my weight was not large enough. I have a bad cold so maybe that is why I am starving!!


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Ah yes, good point you are under BMI 25. Lily is right that some people are more sensitive to carbs than others. When I did 810 I always stuck to chicken and green veg as they were safe to keep me in ketosis, but then I guess everyone is different.

Hope you get well soon and it gets easier for you



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hmmm thats a shame, and bad news that youre so hungry. I would maybe call your CDC and explain, see what she advises? Im still on SS and have a few lbs left to go, so dont see the difference!


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What about having the bullion drink once or twice a day? It was a life saver for me.

Good luck and keep busy, you'll get there.



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Well I was sticking to tuna and salad but my cdc advised me to explore. I have been having a fillet of cod with mixed vegetables, both steamed. I just had a thought. I suck on wrigleys extra sugar free mints at work. Could that affect it? What is the bullion drink? Is that like a soup?


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The sugar free mints are almost certainly making you hungry, I would've said.

Might be worth cutting them out to see if it makes a difference.

I'll let someone else answer the bouillion question as I don't know much about that!


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The buillion drink is like a very thin soup. Almost stock like. I thought I would hate it but it gets me through some difficult patches :D

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There is a CD version but I used the Marigold Swiss Bouillon Powder. I bought it in Sainsbury's. The ingredients were similar to the CD version and it was much cheaper. It comes in a green tub if I recall correct. There's another version which is purple (it's free of 'something' but it had marginally more carbs in it).
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i never bought the vegan one in the purple container becuase i was drinking 6/7lr of water a day so the minor increase in the salt levels didnt effect my hydration....but if your not a good water drinker, then i would stick to the Vegan one!

BIN THE SWEETS!!!!! they will be exactly what is making you hungry! Try Peppermint tea for that mint fix, i add a sweetener to mine and i love it! I also carry my toothbrush about with me and have a mouth spray!