810 meal ideas

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Edit to add:

This thread was created originally for the 790 plan which has now ceased. There are still plenty of ideas for the meals on 810 or even possibly the SS+ meal in some cases.

These haven't been checked though, so please consult your book for quantities and allowed ingredients. Thanks.....KD

Original message from Hopeful Daisy

Hi there...

we'll I just can't get back onto SS and so I've decided that between now and New Year I'm going to do 790 with the occasional blip for Xmas dinner etc. Anyone gone any meal suggestions rather than just plain chicken or cottage cheese to make it more exciting?

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Yep I used to cut up a chicken breast and then put it on kebab sticks with mushrooms and courgettes and then a little cajun spice to give it a kick.

Grill 4 minutes each side and then 1 minute in the microwave just to make sure it was safe and then tuck in.



I used to sprinkle the bouillon powder over chicken pieces before grilling for extra flavour. And because I used fromage frais instead of milk I sometimes mixed that with spices to make a tandoori style coating.


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Can we make this a sticky since it comes up so much?


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I have used mushroom, chicken & mushroom, veg and spicy oriental soups as sauces over chicken, fish or broccoli/cauliflower. And obviously the new soup will be perfect for all of the above as well. Just make up with less water and pour over cooked food.


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What sort of veg do most people have with their AAM? I've seen the list of green and white veg (spring greens, cauliflower, lettuce, mushrooms, cabbage, marrow, broccoli, celery, cress, courgettes or cucumber.) Is there any other veg people tend to eat?
Cheers :0)


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Can we have asparagus? (think i read on here that someone has is). What would that come under? What is included in spring greens?


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veg on the list for aam week is:

green salad leaves: roquette, lambs lettuce, watercress, raddiccio, little gem/romaine lettuces

celery, cucumber or red radishes

courgettes or marrow

broccoli, cauliflower or any cabbage even pickled!

spinach, kale, turnip or taro tops, asparagus, fennel and celeriac

chinese leafy greens such as pak choi or chinese cabbage

Beverly: what is the soup like used as a sauce? is it not too powdery tasting? sounds good (i need to water down the soups quite a bit as dont like the powdery taste!)

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I'm thinking of starting 790 myself as can't seem to get back into ssing... so watching this thread too!!
Can someone tell me what the amounts are or is it the same as AAM?


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Hi there I am new on here and after trying and struggling with SS for 1 week (but still losing 3lbs yay!) I decided to give 790 a try so this is my first week and so far very good!

I have got between 7 and 9 stone to lose depending on how I feel when I get 7 stone off.

Does anyone know if we can add fresh garlic to our food as I wanted to do Garlic mushrooms with chicken.

Also in the CD booklet it say we have to cook in the oven, steam or boil the chicken or fish but do you know if I can dry fry? I would like to cook in my griddle pan but not sure if I can??

What kind of weight losses have people had on 790?
Hi...I've been doing 790 for the last 7 weeks. You're going to love it!! My losses seem to be averaging 3lbs a week. Hubby is doing tis too and his losses are 4lbs a week.

I actually don't know the answer to garlic but I do it!! I use the George Foreman a lot and also dry fry. We often have a stir fry with chicken and allowed veg in the wok. I just use any herbs and spices that I fancy.



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Those weight losses are excellent tiara I would be more than happy with that :) can you tell a big difference in your body? My clothes are loosening off already which is making me feel great (I was busting out of EVERYTHING) in my wardrobe.

A stir fry is a good idea as it seems like a normal meal! Can you add soy sauce??

Amie xx
I've gone down at least one size maybe 2 in clothes. I'm wearing things that wouldn't look near me before so yes I see a bit difference. I have to say though others haven't started to notice yet but I have a lot to lose so maybe not noticible to others yet!

I add a light soy sauce to mine but again I use a bit of guess work. I'm not sure it it's 'officially' allowed. I think it's common sense calorie wise and I suppose trial an error sometimes about how easily you could be knocked out of ketosis with other things. I think as time has gone on I'm not quite as strict as I was. I keep the chicken portion under the amount allowed. I allow myself plenty of alllowed veg though and I use whichever spices I fancy. I also have a low fat dressing on my salads and a small sprinkle of bacon soya chips. I don't ever have anything not on the list other than those things though. You have to have SOME rules. I'm not saying I do this 100% to the book but I have found a way that this works for me and I don't feel deprived.

Have you a lot to lose?


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Hi Tiara

I am 17st 5 at the moment (I was 18 stone 10 days ago!) and probably a size 22. I want to be anywhere between 11 stone and 9 stone, not sure what I will look like really as the thinnest I can remember is being 11 stone 8 when I was 18 and I felt really good, a nice size 12, I am a bit of an hourglass so dont want to go too thin but will see how it goes.

I am a bit worried about what my boobs will be like at the end of this but its a silly thing to worry about as overall I will look so much better.

I am going to have to have rules too as once I start adding the odd thing here and there its a slippery slope for me but my counsellor did say be liberal with the vegetables if i wanted to. I dont think I am in ketosis yet as I am feeling hungry but am only on day 2 of the 790.

Sorry to keep asking questions but do you think balsamic vinegar will be ok, I love it for cooking and for salads

You're about the same weight as me at the moment. I originally wanted to be 10stone but thinking now 9 stone might be good but we'll see once I get to 10 then re evaluate. I'm 5'3 so the top end of my healthy BMI is 10stone.

I would say while you're getting into ketosis do it by the book then you can experiment a bit more.

I think Balsamic vinegar is ok...not 100% sure though. Sorry I can't help you more with that one but ask as many questions as you like.


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Just started 790 & this is what i've had for my first meal:

Tofu grilled sprinkled with crushed black pepper (otherwise very bland with very little taste),
Dried fryed some courgette, leek & added pak choi for the last 2 mins,
Put the veggies in a nice bowl then the cooked tofu on top, sprinked with a little more pepper & a small sprinkle of garlic....

:eat: Lovely & very filling. I only used half the quanties as it is far too much in one go, i'll have the other half just before i go to work tonight!

Try this & hopefully enjoy just as much as i did!....xxx


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This one's good for BBQ's or when you're craving something burger-ish! It's good and chewy

Mince your raw chicken breast (can do this in a processor also) - guess you could do this with quorn or tofu too?

Stick in a bowl and and add

1 tbs fine chopped mushrooms
Herbs or spices to taste - I've used basil and oregano, and chilli powder
Black pepper
About 1 tsp of bouillon powder dissolved in 1 dsp hot water
Mix or squish it all together with your hands

Form into 2 or 3 'burgers'

Cook on 200 or over a BBq for about 15-20 mins

Serve with 2 tbs salad or whatever you want...


When I want to feel like I'm having a roast, or sulking on a Sunday!!!

Cook your chicken breast and slice up
Make up a sachet of chicken soup to muffin consistency and cook in the nuke as you would a muffin (a little longer if you want the 'stuffing' crispier)
Serve with hot veg and bouillon powder 'gravy' if you like
You can use 1/2 the soup as sauce for the chicken and the other half for the 'stuffing', too.

Pleaaaase keep adding these as I'm running out of 790 ideas!

Bagpuss xxx


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I just started 790 yesterday. I found the portions too big so i am divinging them into 2 meals.

I was just curious about the milk. I dont drink alot of tea or coffee and i dont think i would like the milk in one of my milkshakes, so what kind of yogurt can i have. Just the plain natural kind??

Also what is the average loss on 790 per week. I am only 5 foot 1.5, so i dont know how i will do. But i am hoping i will do well this week because i have gone from AAM week to 790, so a nice progression there :)