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I will be skinny again!!!


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omg chelly babe :( no thats horrible!!!


If you want to chat i will be around on msn later x
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Oh Jesus Chelly

I'm so so sorry! What a horrible thing.



I will be skinny again!!!
I know I cant believe it, shes only 20 and has a daughter and everything


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That's awful :hug99: :hug99:


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I'm so sorry to hear that thats happened hun.
My deepest sympathies for you, her and her family, especially for her little one x x x

How awful. Just sending you a ((((Hug)))).

Take care. My thoughts are with the poor girls family and child.


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OMG Bless you Chelly, so very very sorry for you and all her family and friends.
Thinking of you lots, and sending big hugs.
What an awful shock for you. Lots of love, xx
OMG Chelly, that's terrible news hun. Here's another BIG HUG sent to you with love xxx

Thinking of you, your friend, her daughter and family xxx
Omg chelly, so sorry to hear that, what a terrible shocking thing to happen, the poor little girl thats left behind, ill keep her in my prayers.
Thats terrible, sending you big hugs

I know I cant believe it, shes only 20 and has a daughter and everything

That is just shocking! domestic violence is alot bigger than people realise. The poor girl, she had the rest of her life in front of her and not to mention the poor child left behind.
I take it he has been caught? were must his head have been. so sorry for you, you must be in a state with knowing them both xxxx big hugs love xxxx
That must be an awful shock to say the least. It is very sad. so sorry to hear it luv. thoughts are with you.


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OMG that is awful **HUGS** from me too! Coming from a single parent who left the father due to violence hearing stories like this make me feel really sad :(