Working Solutions 8lbs down in week one.

Discussion in 'Exante' started by Shangri-la, 19 May 2014 Social URL.

  1. Shangri-la

    Shangri-la Full Member

    Hey folks,

    I did not have a chance to update my stats yet but I weighed last thurs and was shocked that I have lost 8lbs in my first weeks taking me from 11st6 to 10st12lbs on working solution. so happy but worried that the cost of the next order that I want is £129 for two boxes of 50. so pricey. anyway that I could get what I need cheaper than this. it is 50 maple syrup pancakes and 50 choc orange and toffee and nut raisin bars.

    Aside from this, i am loving the diet. At Uni every morning I have a ham, cheese, mushroom and tomato omelette which leaves me stuffed and spread the three bars over the day. I am never hungry. When I am home at weekends, I just use skinny rice and mix with chicken fillet, veg and spices for my meal. It seems to be really working well for me.

    How are you all getting on?
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  3. Determinationiskey

    Determinationiskey Full Member

    Hey there, thank you for this post, need this right now. Have procrastinated about getting back to this for a few months. Hopped on scales today and nearly had a heart attack. Had broken the 12 stone barrier! So a proper determined restart was in order. Bar in the morning, shake for lunch. Some lean chicken and veg for dinner. And about to have my last shake before bed. I could do with an eight pound loss in week 1 but even half of that would be awesome. Clothes have got snug. I had got complacent. Not good, I hated being fat and I was headed that way again. Good luck with ur journey to eight stone. I hope I stay determined. Everything is crossed for all of us!
  4. Shangri-la

    Shangri-la Full Member

    Thank you so much for your lovely reply, Determinationiskey!. I really dont know why I have 8st as my goal, lol. I must change that. 9.5 stone would be my ultimate goal now. I would even be happy at 10stone.

    I too will be very happy with 1-2lbs loss per week after this week. However, with the cost or rather having to pay a large amount in one go, maybe, the sooner the better, lol. I know that i would spend a lot more over a month on junk so I justify it with this thought. It sounds like you are flying it and doing very well!!. I know the feeling in relation to the clothes getting tight. whenever, i get big, i just live in leggings for month but I have a big wedding to go to next month so that is my motivation.

    I have just ordered box of 50 maple pancakes and 50 choc orange and toffee bars so this should keep me going for another while. we will stay determined and get to our goal!. I will head back to healthy eating then following slimming world. It has worked for me before but again I became too complacent and started to binge so this has put me back on the right track.

    Good luck, hun. Onwards and downwards!!!!

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